Mansell Drops New Album, "Mantra"

Atlanta based alternative trio Mansell have just released their debut full length album, Mantra

The group formed back in 2014, featuring Holden Fincher (Guitar/Vocals), Trent Bilodeau (Bass/Vocals), and Grayson Arias (Drums/Vocals). The three all came from various styles of music in the Atlanta music scene, but have come together to blend their alternative and indie roots into a sound all their own. 

Mantra features some really interesting songwriting, and I find the record to be a solid dark pop album. From one moment to the next you're not sure whether you'll get an ambient soundscape, or a catchy pop refrain. Don't take my word for it though, listen to what Holden Fincher had to say about the record.

"It’s a record of consciousness. Specifically within ourselves, our environment and people in our lives, as well as our perception of the world as it was all expanding in various ways. Dissecting it all and wondering what it’s all made of and what it will make for us later on."

If all this has you saying "this is right up my alley" then you can listen to Mantra right on this very page!

If you're anywhere near Atlanta, then you can check Mansell out live on November 25 for their album release show at The Vinyl in Atlanta!

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