Alex Di Leo Releases EP

A few months back, singer-songwriter Alex Di Leo teased the release of his debut EPSo We Go, with his single "Make it Easier". Fast-forward to early November, the Florida-based musician streamed the eagerly-awaited EP exclusively on Substream Magazine before its official release on November 4th.

Hyping up this first endeavor as a solo artist, Alex put out a video for "Waking Up", the final track off the work, which you can stream below:

Alex takes listeners through an indie, pop, and sometimes folk journey throughout the 6-song release. His sound brings to mind bands like Coldplay, Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon, etc. He offers that crisp, light pop sound - the kind of artist you'd expect to hear at an outdoor music festival or in your top-down convertible driving along the ocean on a cloudless day.

So We Go tracklist:
1) So We Go
2) Make It Easier
3) I've Been Waiting

4) When We First Met
5) Reason
6) Waking Up




Unfortunately, you can't get the work for free, but So We Go is available for streaming on Spotify, iTunes, etc. Alex Di Leo is definitely an artist worth checking out for fans of easy listening indie pop. I'm intrigued to see where he goes from here in that this is but his first release as a solo artist - it will be cool to see how he approaches a full length release.

Otherwise, if you haven't already, check out my interview with the lad and keep up with Alex on his social media!

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