Aleko’s Latest Single, “Waiting” is an Emotionally Driven Masterpiece


Americana/Indie singer-songwriter Aleko, aka  Alexandros Doukopoulos, has released his latest single “Waiting” and it is a beautifully crafted song that touches the mind and the soul.

Hailing from Linwood, New Jersey, Aleko’s alternative, folk style music is for any fans of Bon Iver, Hozier, or City & Colour and “Waiting” showcases these influences perfectly. This track follows up his highly successful 2015 EP, Amity, in perfect fashion and effortlessly encapsulates Aleko’s signature voice and smooth instrumentation to make a combination that is sure to make the listener feel something. Partnering up with famed producer, Trevor Leonard, the pair set out to create a track that would not only move listeners but also inspire them to find their own path to true happiness.

"The storytelling stance of these lyrics is that the first half portrays someone who's just been waiting for something to happen, to actually love someone in a way that no-one else has loved them. The second half is referencing someone who's been openly searching, wearing their heart on their sleeve, and loving everyone who gives them the time of day; unfortunately, never having it reciprocated. I like to think there's a connection between these two people, sort of like two halves of a whole."

“Waiting” is about taking a leap of faith and never holding back, something Aleko is all too familiar with. Taking risks and diving into his musical niche at the young age of 8, Aleko’s musical career has been anything but safe. Every endeavor has helped craft his soulful sound to the point where he lets his songs naturally breathe emotion rather than ‘attempting’ to make them, and this could not be any more evident than in “Waiting.”

You can check out waiting below and stay connected with Aleko by heading to his social media pages below! 

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