David And The Curse Announce Debut LP

Often compared to Ryan Adams for his self-sustaining artistry, David Stücken, the brain behind David and the Curse, has announced the release of his debut album, An Epitaph For Love. With the LP release due out early next year, David has been building anticipation with "She Loves The Night" - a raw, after-midnight tune about an edgy woman.

You can peep the single below!

From what I can gather off "She Loves the Night", David is a true rock & roll songwriter with eclectic taste. Evidence of this can be heard as he effortlessly traverses through the years of its various styles and incorporates some of the best elements of the genre while still coercing his own flavor into the mix.

David's whiskey-riddled vocal delivery brings to mind singers like Scott Weiland (RIP) or like, Jon Bon Jovi. He just gives off that classic rocker persona backed by soaring guitars and cutting drums that anyone who's into real rock & roll would enjoy.

Since David and the Curse's An Epitaph For Love release date is still TBD, you'll have to keep up with him on his social media!

David And The Curse: Website // Twitter // Instagram

Dylan Young

Singer-songwriter from NJ.