Ray Hodge Gives Superstitious Taste in "Voodoo"

Earlier this month we were able to experience Ray’s passionate voice in the “I Am King” single, the first track off his new EP. This week Ray has given us a taste of the dark theatrical with his music video for “Voodoo.” 

The theme of this EP is shaping up to be that of looking inside yourself for strength. His lyrics in this song tell the listener that spending your whole life looking for something higher may lead you nowhere. It seems that ray believes a self-help image is something that can help us all.

The song is very easy to listen to with Ray’s urgently soft voice, click-clack drum beat, and acoustic guitar between choruses of distorted, grungy riffs. His gospel-esque yells add a unique impact to the song with their sharp highs and steep dips. The video ties it all together by giving us an eerie hint of vitality in the red flares on the black and white backdrops.

 As well-blended as it sounds there are some elements which give the song a bit of a generic layer. The short, guitar hero like solo makes the song sound like a movie trailer for a leather jacket wearing, fingerless gloved bad boy (admittedly not the worst thing). The only real complaint is that the choral repetition of the word “Voodoo”  makes the song lose its own voodoo…but only a little.  

It seems that Ray is starting to move in the direction where his voice belongs; on top of crashing cymbals and lightly distorted guitar chords. His group has all the makings of a proper local rock band and as long as he keeps his place as an energetic front man and doesn’t veer into emotional ballads, this EP shouldn’t disappoint. 

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