Unconscious Disturbance Release Tense New Video

Unconscious Disturbance is Brazilian/American progressive rock band currently based out of Brooklyn, and they have a suspenseful new video for their song "Our Secret." 

The video was purportedly shot guerilla-style in the São Paulo streets in one unlicensed 20-hour session, which apparently drew a lot of public attention. This can be seen in the video below. It melds pretty well with the band's frenetic, Mars Volta-esque sound, and I'll be damned if you hear this and don't want to hear more! 

The band is very much a brainchild of Brazilian brothers Daniel and Kiko Freiberg, who play drums and guitar respectively and share vocal duties. The line-up is filled out by Bostonian guitarist Tim Haggerty and D.C. bassist Danny Dahan. The band's first release, 2014's Shooting At The Moon, established Unconscious Disturbance's quirky style and intensely technical playing, albeit with more stoner rock-based roughness. It was enough to gain the band a decent bit of attention, and since then they have played over 100 shows in 15 U.S. states, Canada, and Brazil. 

The band's Let It Rain EP, which came out September 1st, brought in a more angelic, omniscient gentleness that simultaneously compliments and contrasts their energetic musicianship, reigning it in and focusing their music. The EP is available on the band's Bandcamp, and one can purchase this and Shoot At The Moon on iTunes. 

If you like what you hear, be sure to show this band some love in the social media realm! Though they recently wrapped up a tour of the Eastern U.S., you can be sure they'll come through once again in due time. Until then, stay tuned for some serious prog rock gold!

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