HOSS Shares "Gotta Go to Church"

Harleysville, Pennsylvania introduces to us the alternative/indie rock project, HOSS. Led by Matthew Sharayko (guitar) and John DiCarlo (bass), HOSS recently released their first single!

Which is really exciting news for HOSS.

Their first single, "Gotta Go tO Church" is the debut release in a series of singles that are leading up to HOSS' debut LP - which is scheduled for Spring 2017. If you're looking for inspiration, think about bands like AC/DC, Bad Religion, the Beach Boys and John Mayer. "Gotta Go to Church" is a fun, relaxed and cool track to check out. While it pulls in a lot of methods I've seen in the current indie/alt scene, it also relies on some really great classic tactics (I mean, we really see the Beach Boys in this one).

Of course, you should always form your own opinion, and to do that we have the single streaming below for you via Bandcamp!

On the continue topic of HOSS, and if you were curious about the name, the band had this to say on their own, "Hoss is southern slang for ‘horse’, but the boys have blazoned unto it their own meaning into what is also a real band called HOSS."

Check this creative duo out and their really cool beginning in HOSS, wait with us in anticipation for the continuation of these single releases, and in the mean time check out their social media for more on HOSS and "Gotta Go To Church."

HOSS: Bandcamp // Facebook // Instagram