Denihilist Join In Dying Arms and Pathways On Tour

To the great pleasure of many, Dayton, OH metalcore monsters Denihilist recently announced their addition to The Blackwater Tour at the end of the month with genre contemporaries In Dying Arms and Pathways! The tour will bring these heavyweights from Maryland to Michigan, with stops ranging from New England states to Texas and more.

Check out the tour poster below!

Denihilist, which consists of vocalist Jordan Melsop, guitarist Darick Faul, bassist Austin Shock, and drummer Drew Creager, have been enjoying some level of success since the release of their Eulogy EP through Pure Deathcore last year, as well as their signing to We Are Triumphant. The band isn't afraid to go in rough and rowdy, pulling together a range of influences from Impending Doom and A Plea For Purging to The Black Dahlia Murder and fucking Limp Bizkit to bring an unrelenting assault like few others. This all ends up coming off as a more pissed off, darker, and less antic-y Emmure (much love, Frankie P).

Oh, and their Facebook description begins with an explanation of the chemical mechanisms within the human body that allow us to express rage... So yeah, you pretty much get the picture. Check out the video for their song "Still" below and see these guys in action!

If you dig what you've heard, jump on this opportunity to follow these boys on their various social media outlets. With vitriol in their hearts and a crushing EP under their belt, Denihilist is set to cascend to greatness amongst the heavy music scene. As always, stay tuned for more face-breaking brutality!

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