Boat Race Weekend Keeps Basement Rock Alive With "Broken Teeth"

After studying this sound for a short while, it appears this band was destined to achieve online session fame. This sound can only be truly appreciated in a studio or with an expensive pair of headphones. Though expertly played, the heavy power chords and heavy drum breaks are nothing you haven’t heard before. The lyrics describe the trials of life as if it were a case of domestic violence, which to some can be much too accurate. Were all helpless, so when getting beaten down, smiling up though broken teeth may be the only thing we can do.

Lyrically, its certainly is poignant, but the band seems a little too caught up in the words and doesn't pay attention to anything else. We seem to be waiting for the chords to change direction and they never do. However, I wouldn’t dismiss them yet. The potential is there, they just haven't brought it out.  

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