The Grape & The Grain Debut New Single

The Grape & The Grain are a rock group from the Hudson Valley (NY), and when I say rock, I mean good ol' fashioned guitar driven Rock n' Roll. They just released the debut single, "Anything/Everything", from their upcoming LP Holy Rollin'. 

The Grape & The Grain started in 2012, as a solo side project of front man Daniel Grimsland. He wrote and performed the entirety of 2013's Better Keep Digging. After that, he enlisted the help of 3 musicians to fill out the band, the group then recorded their self-titled album which was released in 2014. The lineup then changed again to include Daniel Marc (Guitar), MO Kelly (Bass), and Steven Markota (Drums).

Check out "Anything/Everything" right here!

"Anything/Everything" was one of the first things we wrote together as this new line up. It began as a jam, and thankfully MO Kelly had hit record on his phone, and we were able to go back, and piece that jam together into this song. Lyrically, it is about a psychedelic experience I had, in a cabin in the Catskill Mountains, and all the things I saw during that trip. When it came time to record we knew the sounds needed to line up with that imagery. We did our best to tap into our favorite psychedelic, and funky musical influences. Anything from Prince and Funkadelic, to the Beatles, Miles Davis, and everything in between. Luckily, we had D. James Goodwin, and his collection of amazing and odd vintage gear, that were put to good use on this record. "  - Daniel Grimsland

Holy Rollin' drops on October 28, and The Hook is going to be giving you our review (courtesy of yours truly) of the new album pretty soon. Keep your eyes peeled for that, and in the mean time, enjoy "Anything/Everything" (I know I did).

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