Naked Walrus Unveil Video For "Minus"

L.A. based alt rockers Naked Walrus have just released the video to their debut single "Minus". 

Naked Walrus is a new group, formed to deliver a message of feeling comfortable in your own skin. The group is set to release their debut EP Simple on November 11. "Minus" is the first single from Simple, and it's a song about "the struggle of overcoming obstacles by deciding to trust your gut to do what you feel is right." 

Check out the video below!

Naked Walrus frontman Dakota Garner elaborates on the story told throughout the video...

"After a confrontational phone call from her mother the artist leaves her studio to clear head. As she wanders the city she realizes that she is inspired by the unique qualities of her urban environment and the creatives around her. She rushes back to her studio full of life and starts painting a masterpiece! Viewers will have to stay tuned for the sequel to this video to see what transpires."

Check out the cover and tracklist of Simple right here.

Minus Tracklist:
1. Now
2. Critics
3. Minus
4. Eyes
5. Fiction
 6. Light

If you live in or around California, you can check out Naked Walrus live at a couple of upcoming shows!



Naked Walrus Show Dates:
October 26 @ SAINT ROCKE, Hermosa Beach CA
November 17 @ Brick and Mortar Music Hall, San Francisco CA

Naked Walrus: Website // Facebook // Twitter // YouTube