King Neptune Releases New Music

Long Island based rock group King Neptune recently released a new single, entitled "Alabastard". In addition, their new EP A Place to Rest My Head was just released on October 16!

King Neptune is the work of primary songwriter Ian Kenny, with additional musicians Tommy Fleischmann, Jordan Schneider, Steve Kupillas, and Tom Costa. The group formed in 2015, with the mission of bringing their local music scene back to its former glory. "Alabastard" is the most recent single from A Place to Rest My Head, and I frankly think it's an incredible tune. Check it out right here!

"I've witnessed beauty grow and blossom from this island [Long Island], and I've seen a community of people gather behind something with such a passion and sense of self that it gives me chills. We can be complacent or we can contribute. King Neptune is my contribution and for the first time in years I've finally found a place to rest my head." - Ian Kenny

King Neptune has already made a splash in the NYC music scene, performing at 2015's CMJ Music Marathon, and performing with artists such as Born Cages, Rare Futures and From Indian Lakes. They've also got a debut album in the works, so stay tuned to us and we'll let you know when that's coming your way. 

A Place To Rest My Head tracklist:
1. Black Hole
2. All Night
3. Thrown In Reverse
4. Alabastard






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