Victoria Lane Delivers Quite the Cover with "Carry Me"


Many people cover Kygo’s music, but few make any real impression. 

Containing all the feels of high school relationship, Victoria Lanes cover of “Carry Me” takes us through the beauty of a pubescent love affair. The soft and catchy keyboard riffs are expected of a Kygo original and Victoria Lane adds those adorable prom night vibes. Its a very pleasant cover indeed. In fact, you may even get the urge to use it as background music to last summer’s family vacation photo montage.


Her voice is a little too easy to listen to. She seems to have that learned sound… like someone who’s had one too many singing lessons.  Despite all this, it’s not generic enough to dislike and still manages to make you shrug in approval. The cute, careless twenty-something offers us us just the right sound to a cliché summer night.    

Victoria lane remains quite the established artist, with many originals and a solid fan base. So go ahead and check her other work. We may not like cover artists here, but with 100k+ views on her video, what do we know?

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