The World Over Release Lyric Video for "Mountains"

LA-based alternative rock band, The World Over, released a new lyric video for their song “Mountains,” off of their new EP, also called Mountains. 

“People who are stuck dealing with depression, anxiety, self-confidence issues, etc. could all use a friend or loved one to rely on to get them through their struggle.,” Ball said about the new song. “As a person who has struggled with the same problems striving to have a healthy life, I want to help my friends or family dealing with similar issues. But to what extent? At the expense of my morals, time, and energy? People are worth saving but there has to be a limit. You have to know the difference between someone sincerely wanting help and someone trying to bring you down with them. This song ("Mountains") is what I had to learn the hard way.”

Watch the lyric video right here!!

The World Over is lead by frontwoman Tiaday Ball, grandaughter of Ernie Ball, the creator of Music Man Guitars and Slinky Strings. The band came together in 2013 with founding members, Ball, Xavier Xavier Moreux, Ryan Knecht, Anthony Dellaripa, and Eric Gledhill joining forces to make a band that spread empowering and hopeful messages with their music. They released an EP in 2014, Rampart Disctrict, with Escape The Fate's Omar Espinosa on guitar. The bassist, Donovan Allen, joined in 2015. 

Mountains EP Tracklist:
1) Traitor
2) Liberosis
3) Let Go
4) Invisible
5) Mountains

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