RVLS Releases "Heathens" Cover Music Video

Californian alternative pop group RVLS, hot off of their big 2016 Light Me Up US tour, have released a new music video. The video is a cover of the Twenty One Pilots song, “Heathens,” presented in RVLS' unique power-alt style. The video features footage from their tour, showcasing their high-energy performances.

Lead vocalist from RVLS, Kalie Wolfe, said the following about the new video: Honestly it just felt right, I heard it and instantly hit up my guitar player Micket and he had it back to me within an hour. I came in same day, did the vocals and then sent the tracks off to Cody Stewart (The Browning) to get it mixed and mastered, was a couple day process. It just was right.”

In 2015, RVLS released Haunted/Hunted, a 6-song EP of deep, personal tracks about moving past set-backs. The band's music is about working hard to reach your goals and to keep pushing on. They released a music video for the title track, “Haunted/Hunted,” which you can check out right here!

The band has finished recording their first full LP, but not much else is currently known about it. Check back here for additional information, or follow the band's social media to keep up-to-date!

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