Mosh Yourself Healthy With Sparrow and Friends' "The Sugar Song"

First of all, this is a sing-a-long….but despite popular belief, its actually super-duper fun.

In a world of young egos, it’s good to see some established musicians not taking themselves too seriously. They’ve taken the sound that makes you want to draw on your new Converse with sharpie and turned it into a feel good song for kids about the importance of eating healthy. The down-strummed chords and the accompanying chorus of schoolchildren makes the song ideal weather you're in a kindergarten classroom or a cramped venue in Asbury Park. 


The track comes off “Sparrow and Friends Make a Band”, an album of punky and funny lullabies for all the so called cool parents among us. On this new record, founders Casey Cole and Peter Lockhart have recruited a slew of talent from Yellowcard’s Ryan Key to Aaron Marsh of Copeland and let them all have a go at making some original childhood faves.

"The Sugar Song" features front man Tony Thaxton from Motion City Soundtrack and front woman Kailynn West of Tony Stills and has all the power chord charm of any warped tour favourite. It’s certainly nice to see the hard partying rockers showing a soft spot for kids, and it fits the bill for a being a punk lover’s guilty pleasure.  

Thankfully, this isn’t the only single they’ll spill before the release date of their October album(the 11th)! In the meantime, peep “Sparrow and Friends” on their website!