The Undecided Majors Stream "Gone Wrong"

Austin pop punk duo The Undecided Majors, have just streamed “Gone Wrong,” the latest single from their upcoming EP In Spite. 

The Undecided Majors features Scott McCauley on Guitar, Bass, and Vocals, and Jake Fenton on Drums and Synths. The two men formed the group back in 2012 after their previous band, Line 45, went on hiatus. Their first EP, Redemption Rule, was released in May of 2013, and they’ve been working hard ever since. They’ve had shows nationwide, including at the famous Whisky A Go-Go in Hollywood. Not only that but they’ve shared the stage with some acts you’ve definitely heard of such as The Foo Fighters, Joan Jett, Sugar Ray, and Smash Mouth. That’s an impressive resume there.

Check out “Gone Wrong” right here on The Hook!

I’m a big fan of this track. It’s a solid pop punk anthem, with all the classic hallmarks you’d expect. You’ve got your dark lyrics set to catchy melodies and chord progressions, palm muted guitars, etc. Scott McCauley’s voice fits well within the genre. “Gone Wrong” has a great sound to it too, from a production and sound design standpoint. I’m also a fan of the catchy synth background parts.

I’m really looking forward to In Spite, which drops on December 2nd. Don’t touch that dial cause you’re sure to hear more about it from us pretty soon.

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