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Inspector 34 - Don't Worry This Is Ok Review

Music you’ve heard for the very first time, but takes you to a place where everyone knows your name? That’s precisely where you’re going from the very first strum, the opening note of Lowell Massachusetts powerhouse Inspector 34.

This isn’t your typical EP either, Don’t Worry This Is OK, dropped with a transformative music video for their lead track “Fed Up.” Talk about hearing your guitar and seeing it in action, too! A band, who aren’t strangers to tremendous talent, are showcased front and center as the collective vision of Jim Warren, Pat Auclair, Silas Price, Ben Kaplowitz, and Alexandra Derderian! At just under 15 minutes (but you’ll wish for 5x that length in the end) this quartet of songs will leave you hungry for more! It’s all highs and no lows from here on out!

Your guide for the ride, check out the tracklist below!


Don’t Worry This Is Ok:
1. Fed up
2. Hurts
3. Try So Hard
4. That Charming Man

If you gave this a listen before continuing, then welcome back! If not, then buckle in because you’re headed to transcendent places.

Have you ever wanted a soundtrack for your life? Needed something better than words to describe a feeling? Well look no further my friends. The opening track encapsulates you with a magnetic ambience, you are transfixed by the swelling of passion around you. Every track feels like the crest and fall of a wave, blending perfectly together. Sometimes we need more than words and other times we need outstanding voices! If I could sing, I would sing the praises of the vocals throughout this EP. What are a completely spellbinding incantation that takes you to the epicenter that is raw emotion.

In the mood for sexy baselines? Prepare to be seduced. Need a little bit of folk twang to start your day? Then look no further! Inspector 34 delivers on every front you’ve thought of and probably some you haven’t and that’s just four songs. Imagine what they have in store for you next!

Picking a favorite song here is difficult but we’re going with Track 3, ‘Try So Hard,’ and it does. I wish this track was longer, it’s the first song I played over again, and again, the attitude is infectious, the perfect illustration of what this band is capable of. This is the song you want headlining your life and playing in the background every time you do something “Cool guys don’t look at explosions” type worthy.

I have been in and around the music scene a very long time, and I struggle to imagine a more consistent, powerful band for my first formal review here for The Hook. You heard it hear first before you no doubt here it everywhere, you are going to want more, if you ever need a formula on how to do it right, this is it.

Let’s listen together, soon, and take a deeper inspection into Inspector 34 using their social media links down below!

Inspector 34: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram //Spotify

Doggo - Hotel Carlyle Review

Straight out of Philadelphia, Doggo has been working their way into the scene - up and coming, and a refreshing change of pace in a saturated DIY scene. Their most recent release, Hotel Carlyle, is the culmination of 8 months of hard work - a 9-track debut full length. 

With Mike Pinto (Guitar & Vocals), Brian Weglicki (bass), and Miles Ziskind (Drums), you've got a collaborative effort that stacks together hard hitting, fundamentally 'rock' instrumentals, a more emo-punk lyricism, and then this kind of eclectic narration via laced in voice overs, vocal layers and stereo effects!

Released on March 7th, Doggo's album Hotel Carlyle was tracked, mixed, and produced by Lev Ziskind at Quartz Club Recordings, and mastered by Dan Anderson. Check out the tracklist for Hotel Carlyle below to keep up to speed as we move on!

Hotel Carlyle Tracklist:
1. Carl
2. Scully
3. Jesus Iverson
4. Rum Beans
5. Lobotomy
6. Yacht Bois (2016)
7. Monday Nite Raw(r) xD lol
8. Thin Lizzards
9. Talker



Hotel Carlyle caught my attention in two ways: the track titles are fun and original™, and none of the tracks are over 3 minutes. That's a lot of expectation before even listening to a song, and rest assured Doggo doesn't disappoint.

Opening track "Carl" thrusts the listener into Doggo's frame of mind - a quick drop into a heavy instrumental kick back, and vocals reminiscent of current DIY punk aesthetic, but definitely a little bit emo. The following tracks are similar in range and style, of course you've got "Scully" for all of you X-File nerds - and you're going to be hearing that layering of sound effects to accompany and enhance the tracks. I'm really into "Scully" what can I say.

"Jesus Iverson" is a quick little interlude, followed by "Rum Beans" and "Lobotomy." And then of course the rest of the album fills out your listening, and all-in-all I was impressed by my experience. Hotel Carlyle is a really solid EP, one that flows well together lyrically and musically. I really enjoyed tracks like "Talker" and "Yacht Bois (2016)."

Check out "Yacht Bois (2016)" below!

A slight confession and criticism of the album I'd like to make is just more diversity - which is probably what everyone says, but a lot of the tracks flowed so well together because they sounded like one another. Which, of course, isn't a huge deal - it just means in the future, I'm curious as to what Doggo has to offer for fans? They have a great sound, one that is precise and tight in presentation, but what can they offer to listeners in the future that will draw them back in?

If you're interested in some really solid emo-punk, alt-rock, Doggo is probably a really good fit for you. Born in the DIY scene of Philly, they sport all of the things you love about the scene - and it's not just sad boys (not that we don't like that) screaming in your face. The Hook approves Hotel Carlyle from Doggo, and we're excited what the future has to offer!

For more on Doggo, check out their social media links below!

Doggo: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp