Fallow - Self Titled EP Review


Bryan Patrick & Tess Eileen have partnered together in more ways than one recently, especially with their latest put-out, Fallow. The sweet little bedroom pop duo have created a space to get lost in the sweetness of Eileen's voice and lyricism. Patrick's gentle touch on the synthetic sound, drums, and guitar give way to a dreamlike sequence of a listen.

Four tracks to get lost in, check out the tracklist for the Self Titled release below.

Fallow Tracklist:
1. Don't Board
2. Burn Barrel
3. Say We're OK
4. Evergreen

Opening track "Don't Board" is a sweet track full of longing and wonder. It follows suit with "Burn Barrel" and "Say We're Ok," where Eileen explores the essence of tender love, of want and emotion. Patrick, of We Have Ghosts, adds that special touch to create for listeners a world that feels layered and soft to touch. Closing track "Evergreen" is especially delicate not only in lyricism but instrumental performance.

Overall, a fantastic output of sound for the duo, one that feels important & meaningful, and I'd be damn sure happy to hear more of. Check out the tracks above to hear what Fallow is all about, and in the meantime, stay tuned, maybe we'll hear more from them soon!

Sage - Procrastinate Review

Sage hails from the remote logging community of Cochrane, Ontario way up there in Canada. A ‘90s leaning, lo-fi, fuzz-pop band with an ear for infectious, dissonant songs seems only fitting for this up & coming band. Sage recently released their debut EP, Procrastinate, on March 24th on their own imprint, Restroom Records.

While Sage is relatively new, their drummer and lead singer, Eric Paquet, has been writing original music and playing in bands since the age of eleven. Fleshing out the trio are Marc Mercier on Guitar, vocals and Eric Tremblay on Bass.

According to their bio, all 8 songs are first-takes, written and recorded in a single session. They are essentially lo-fi bedroom demos with "a little bit of mastering." Procrastinate was released on randomly coloured, limited edition cassettes, and features artwork by Toronto artist and musician, Joel French. Which means this band continues to delve deeper into the strange and unique. 

Check out the tracklist for Procrastinate below to follow along!

Procrastinate Tracklist:
1. Sinking Boats
2. Good Enough
3. Relive The Past
4. Aneurysm (Nirvana)
5. Procrastinate
6. Fairweather Friends
7. Zillion
8. Lukewarm



Normally in my reviews I like to piece together the album track-by-track, but Sage's presence felt more intriguing overall, rather than piece by piece. "Sinking Boats" opens up the record with the fuzzy smashing of drums, and the distortion of vocals disorients the listener into Procrastinate. Much of the album follows suit, with aspects of grunge and slacker rock weaving in and out. 

Tracks like "Good Enough" and the Nirvana (grunge, ha-ha) cover of "Aneurysm" exude 90's grunge, while tracks like "Relive The Past" and title-track "Procrastinate" are way more stoner rock. Think about the first Queen's Of The Stone Age album, and you've got Sage. The dynamic presence of Procrastinate is exciting, especially as stoner rock/grunge is coming back.

I implore you to check out this impressive album. One that literally had me saying "WOW" as each new track began. Is that because I love grunge music? Maybe, but mostly Sage are bringing into light a genre that is on the forefront of return. This album exudes a reverb-y, echoing ambience that forces people to listen. If you need to know our favorite track, it's final track "Lukewarm." Find out for yourself as to why.

Check out Sage, check out Procrastinate, please listen to this and then check out their social media for more good shit as well.

Sage: Facebook