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With Sails Ahead - Morning Sun Review


We've been following With Sails Ahead for actual years now, and as one of the first bands to support The Hook, they'll always have a soft spot in our hearts. We recently watched them open up for bands like Emarosa and Jule Vera, which is our way of saying clearly our pals are going places, and it makes us so happy we could cry.

But we won't, and that's because Morning Sun, their brand new EP is out.

The NJ based five piece continues to impress us as they grow, and Morning Sun is an astonishing third addition to their discography, and their first release since June 2016's Years In Waiting. The 6-track EP is a heartfelt, passion infused open wound that With Sails Ahead lays out for listeners to witness and bare. 

Album Art: Caring Wong

Album Art: Caring Wong

Morning Sun Tracklist:
1. Dissappear
2. Willow
3. Always Clouded, Never Clear
4. Pixelated
5. Synapses Fire
6. Beesly




With Sails Ahead have solidified themselves as a force to be reckoned with, not only in their scene, but as they come up in the world of music. We're holding on tight for the journey, and you should be too!

Morning Sun is an emotional, angst ridden EP that keeps the listener in check. I was also sincerely impressed by the togetherness the band has shown in their growth, while maintaining the reason why we loved With Sails Ahead in the first place. Morning Sun is going to be more instrumentally technical and exciting, while also showing it's bravado and spirit in lyricism and contextual content. All of the tracks are superb, but my personal favorite would be closing track, "Beesly." For myself, this track really encapsulates this coming of age for With Sails Ahead. Morning Sun is the reawakening of the passion that this post hardcore quartet brings to the table.

With the recent announcement of a summer tour, you definitely don't want to miss an update from With Sails Ahead, so check out their social media links down below to remain up on the happenings of their lives!

We know we sure will be!

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With Sails Ahead - Years In Waiting Review

Photography: Emily Tantuccio

Photography: Emily Tantuccio

With Sails Ahead has joined The Hook's pretty rad and well established league of featured artists/bands. (Can we call it a league, cause we are?) The four piece alt-rock group is a labor of intense amounts of love, only getting sweeter over time.

The up & coming five-piece includes Sierra Binondo (vocals), Josef Warner-Reyes (guitar), Santino Costa (guitar), Jaime Martinez (bass) and Andrew Rotundo (drums) to create a really cool, and unique sound. 

In June, With Sails Ahead released their latest EP, Years In Waiting - a four track debut EP that highlights their alt-rock sound, while also harnessing a steady and hardworking inspo from hardcore music - a sound that can be found in some of their instrumentals, as well as their lyrics. The EP comes after a ton of hard work by founding member & lead singer Sierra, who worked two years to establish With Sails Ahead with musicians who fit the style she had been looking for with the band, and then a ton of shows later - enter in Years In Waiting.

The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Cichocki at Timber Studios, and Assistant Engineered by Augusto Sanchez. It features 4 tracks that set up the listener for some of those “hardcore influenced” instrumentals mentioned earlier, which nicely juxtapose Sierra’s voice to illustrate powerful lyrics.

With Sails Ahead caught my attention for a few reasons. First being that they're really stinkin' good, and a band that should definitely be on your up & coming radar. Secondly, lead singer Sierra Binondo's voice is a refreshing and exciting development in the scene. With Sails Ahead reminded me of baby Paramore.

The EP moves really well. Sierra's voice is backed by exacting and expressive music - thanks to really heavy-hitting drums from Andrew, and not one but two guitarists Josef & Santino, while bassist Jaime outlines the tracks.

Check out the track list below!

Artwork: Bailey Zindel

Artwork: Bailey Zindel

Years In Waiting Tracklisting:
1. Shut In
2. Sharpshooter
3. Embrace
4. Sooner or Later

Of course, With Sails Ahead's EP is one that focuses on positivity and spreading messages of self-love and personal growth. It is an extremely impressive collective effort that feels focused and driven for the listener. The empowering lyrics are highlighted by pressing instrumentals which allows for fans and listeners to really feel the cathartic, emotional experience that this album really gave myself - something I feel With Sails Ahead was definitely hoping for. 

My absolute favorite track is #4, "Sooner Or Later." This track felt really defining for me as the final song of the EP, along with that really rad intro and the subtlety of Binondo's voice. The EP does move really quickly, with each track hitting just 3-minutes, or under, I hope that this EP is a sampling of bigger things to come from With Sails Ahead. 

Stoked for the present and future thanks to With Sails Ahead, and ready for more!

Rating: 9/10

For more on With Sails Ahead and their super cool lives, check out the links below! Make sure to check out Years In Waiting, and support these rad people by buying the EP and blasting it in your car and talking about it at family parties!

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