Wack Cheddar

Wack Cheddar - Who Cut The Cheese? Review

Entirely instrumental, and full of funky fresh tunes, Wack Cheddar knows how to make every moment feel cool, calm and collected. Philadelphia, PA 6-piece jazz & funk infused group is as much fun, and as serious, about making good music as anyone can (or should) be. With shows, festivals and shared stages all over the tri-state area under their belts, Wack Cheddar is well versed in bringing all they have to whatever they’re doing.

Who Cut The Cheese is the band's latest release, available for streaming and purchase since July 16th, 2019 - the band is riding the high of new music, a more defined sound, and the endless possibilities of the future. The well constructed, easy to listen, but instrumentally poised EP is one that truly highlights the growth that Wack Cheddar has made throughout the years.

Check out the tracklist below to follow along with our review!


Who Cut The Cheese Tracklist:
1. It Wasn’t Me
2. Ex-Lover Trash Talk
3. Psycho From Astoria
4. Are We Distracting You?

The jazzy personality of Who Cut The Cheese is the corner stone for elements the band works so hard to bring in - a level of funk, pop and rock, which immerse themselves in for a successful blending of sound. Entirely instrumental, the band knows how to tell a well crafted story. Driven by a dynamo horn section, while also holding the beat steady with a lively, hard-hitting rhythm section, Wack Cheddar brings their music to life right in front of your eyes. Each of the talented musicians brings a tasteful, masterful sound.

A true showcase of hard work and passionate music making, but also never taking itself too seriously, Wack Cheddar solidifies their testimonial to music in this EP. Available on all streaming platforms, Who Cut The Cheese rings in a new era for Wack Cheddar, and what they have to offer in the future.

The group is available for shows, and you can check out their music on any of their social media links and streaming services down below!

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