Honeytiger - Brain On The Wall Review

One of our Philadelphia favorites, and long time Hook supporters, Josh Glauser and Isaac Clark are Honeytiger. Two-piece, Philadelphia-based indie-rock band just released Brain On The Wall, their first full-length album, earlier this month. According to their bio on their website, “Honeytiger takes on catchy alt-rock, dark indie-rock, and broken-hearted slow-motion car crash songs,” which is like, such a hook for me that they must have reached inside my mind and fished out the weird idiosyncrasies of my music taste. Broken-hearted slow-motion car crash songs are my favorite songs. One could argue that’s all I listen to. I’m such a drama queen.

For something that was recorded in a basement (from the mouth of guitarist & vocalist Isaac Clark), Brain On The Wall sounds nothing less than professionally mixed to me. Honeytiger has excellent musicality, and this LP harks upon previous releases in a real, grown-up way. Clark’s vocals will remind you of bands like Cage the Elephant and Muse, while the instrumental aspect is a classic indie sound that shouts: this band is going places!

Before we move on, check out the tracklist below to follow along!


Brain On The Wall Tracklist:
I Quit
2. Dawdler
3. Point Breeze
4. Sundrop
5. South Philly Summertime
6. Ultraviolet Buzzing Machine
7. Piece of Cake
8. I’m Alright
9. Confinement Howl
10. Robot
11. Same Fears
12. Endless Somersault

This is a perfectly succinct album, and a pleasant listening experience all the way through.

Mellow and relaxing for the most part, one of those albums you like to have on in the background, maybe while you’re studying or getting some work done. This feels on-par with Honeytiger’s previous work - their debut full-length drawing upon the successes of their EP work allows the band to come full circle for long-time listeners, while also remaining welcoming to new fans. A smooth, indie overlaid with hard-hitting guitar and percussion which feels like the first sip of coke on a warm day.

I loved track nine, “Confinement Howl,” as short as it was, and the final track, “Endless Somersault” (a couple of those car crash songs). “Confinement Howl” and an earlier track, “Ultraviolet Buzzing Machine,” seem to serve as transitional songs - they’re both recorded the same way, with nothing but a soft acoustic guitar and vocal, which sound like they’re playing through an old record. As tracks six and nine, they bookend the middle and end of the album, and I really appreciated that technique.

Since our first review of Tangerine back in 2017, and Half Clean in 2016, Honeytiger remains, to us, a band to watch out for, one on the rise. Their sound is familiar, sharing similarities to other well-known indie bands, I’d say these guys have a pretty good chance of making it.

Check out Brain On The Wall available for streaming and purchase now. You can get a digital album or a vinyl! All of the band’s links are available on their website. 

Honeytiger: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Website // Bandcamp

Honeytiger - Tangerine Review

Anyone can tell you that here at The Hook we freakin' love Honeytiger. We've been in love with them since their album Half Clean in 2016 and we won't ever stop loving them (babe). Good news for us, and for you, is that on August 11th Honeytiger released their newest EP Tangerine for listeners and fans alike!

Can you feel the excitement in these words because we are excited!

A sophomore EP can be a challenging task for a two-piece especially, but Josh Glauser & Isaac Clark are up for the challenge of reinventing themselves in this new 5-track album. While I wouldn't say that Honeytiger are doing anything especially outside of their box, it feels good to hear new things that push them a little bit ahead of what Half Clean was. 

Check out the tracklist below!

Tangerine Tracklist:
1. Interviewer
2. Is It Midnight?
3. Warm Drug
4. Harold Greengard
5. Mannequin





Opening tracks "Interviewer" and "Is It Midnight?" bring listeners back into the world that is Honeytiger. That brash guitar, Clark's cooing voice. They bring out just the right amounts of indie and rock so that you can sing along but also jam the heck out. And, as always, the lyrical content is impeccable. 

Stand out track "Warm Drug" feels chillingly dark for Tangerine. Hidden in the middle of the EP, the track sneaks up on listeners in a brooding type of fashion, snarling. I love that it juxtaposes a usually more light hearted sound. It also denotes a quick and quiet shift in the latter half of the EP, one that shows off Honeytiger's improved upon sound, one that begs you to take it more seriously, but not too seriously in tracks "Harold Greengard" and "Mannequin."

The EP feels all at once quick and slow, and I liked existing in it. Tangerine, if we look at it against real life tangerines (you know the fruit), which are less sour and a bit sweeter than regular oranges, you can equate that to how this Tangerine functions. This EP doesn't disappoint, and you'd be silly to skip on a listen.

Check out Honeytiger's links below to keep up to date with all that they do and definitely check out Tangerine immediately!

Honeytiger: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Website

Honeytiger - Half Clean Review

Sometimes, change is good - and in the case of Honeytiger (formerly Swimmer) change has opened up a series of brilliant, catchy, and exciting new doors for the Philadelphia natives!

Self described "Indie-Rock, Garage-Pop & Mercurial Pool Jumping" two-piece, Isaac Clark & Josh Glauser, have created a project really worth getting into. What strikes me most about Honeytiger is their ability to not only feel sincere and serene, but also their impressive technique, and how much their music makes me want to dance.


Not to mention their most recent album Half Clean hit bandcamp back in January, and has been the only thing I've been binge-listening to for weeks. The 8-track album was recorded and produced by Jamie Clark with assistant producer Dan Taney, as well as mastered at Black Dog Mastering Studios LLC, and here at The Hook, we're considering it the perfect new beginning.

Check out the tracklist below!


Half Clean Tracklist:
1. As It Will Happen
2. Wasps & Doves 03:45
3. Mud and Worry 04:46
4. Rubielle 02:39
5. Patchwork
6. Bore You To Death 03:27
7. Old Miami 03:30
8. Can't Compare 02:45



Half Clean is an impressive collection of music. Honeytiger pulls out all of the stops to create an album that is sincerely giving listeners a fresh, new experience with every song. The album opens up with "As It Will Happen," which is a perfect beginning for this album - introducing that to-die-for falsetto, fun groove, and all around stellar lyricism.

It's followed by "Wasps & Doves," and "Mud and Worry," which both fill out the album nicely as tracks 2 & 3. "Wasps & Doves" feels a bit heavier than other tracks on Half Clean, while "Mud and Worry" follows suit with a really amazing guitar sound to harden the track.

Of course, my favorite song off of Half Clean is "Rubielle." Not only because Clark's voice is absolutely fuckin' unbelievable, but also Glauser's ability to keep time and create an atmosphere for the track to exist within creates this amazing dynamic that is clear in all of Half Clean, but especially this track.

Honestly, I could be here all day talking about each individual track (don't tempt me, I will), but I think what really pulls this album together for me is the impressive, tactical lyricism that happens here. Honeytiger takes the cake for one of the most lyrically driven and overall poetic bands I've ever had the opportunity to write for. As a listener, this sets Honeytiger up for immediate success - I want to listen because not only is the music good and well put together, but the songs are meaningful and well written, too.

Overall, Honeytiger has joined my "every day playlist" - soon to be an old time favorite. I can't wait to see what they do next, and until then I implore everyone to check out this album, send them flowers, quote your favorite lyric on your next instagram picture. For more on Honeytiger, check out their social media links below!

Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Website // Bandcamp