Halogens - Happy Hour Review


When it comes to one of our favorite bands, Halogens, we just can’t get enough. In fact, we haven’t gotten enough since we first heard their 2016 Self-Titled EP, so thank god for Happy Hour. Releasing on February 22nd, consider it a belated Valentines Day gift from the dynamic foursome.

Comprised of Zach Henry (Vocals/Guitar), Charlie Throckmorton (Guitar), Tim Wuestneck (Bass/Vocals), and George Saives (Drums), allowing the band to pack a heavy punch. The six track EP is the latest edition to the bands growing discography, and one to surely solidify Halogens in your hearts. It is heartfelt, knit-picking, and typically Halogens-esque in certain moments. We’re talking brash, coarse vocals, heavy hitting instrumentals balanced by a softness that entangles you emotionally, cathartically, and sometimes painfully.

Check out the track list below!

Album Artwork: Chris Wills Flannery

Album Artwork: Chris Wills Flannery

Happy Hour Tracklist:
1. Pretty Enough
2. The Inside
3. Buckle
4. Sometimes
5. O’Gourman
6. The Backwoods

“Pretty Enough” opens up the EP’s melancholy - something I’d describe as an emotional longing that Halogens has always been good at conveying. There is always a sense of cathartic urgency, and every track is an inevitable purging. The band has been showcasing this track at recent shows, switching up their set list and giving listeners a taste of what to come. “Pretty Enough” also bonds the EP together as an opening track, which is one of the most impressive feats of this album.

In comparison to previous EP’s, I would say that Happy Hour feels stronger. It has a sense of itself, it flows well together, and while the tracks maintain a signature sound that the band has cultivated, the tracks don’t bleed - having the ability to exist on their own allows them the opportunity to utilize the tracks in different, more meaningful ways. Halogens has definitely grown up for this one, maintaining their instrumental complexity while also exploring this new softness that I’m really into.

My favorite track is “Buckle.” Anchoring the middle of an EP can be tricky, but “Buckle” does so in a way that alters the mood of the EP so listeners slide into “Sometimes.” I also really appreciated how the tempo slowed down for this track. By switching into this rhythm, the emphasis moves back onto the lyrics - a problem that Halogens has faced before, losing the lyrics in the instrumentals. “Sometimes” swoops in to dance away all of the sadness. I do wonder what else Halogens can do, though. I wonder, upon listening back on previous work, what growth Halogens can continue to make. What sounds can they cultivate to give the listener even more? How do they allow themselves the ability to step outside of a pre-designed box, one that works well and executes nicely. As the band adds more, I have a sense that I want more.

One thing I appreciate, especially about the lyricism in this album, is that Halogens never fail to make the listener feel included or secure. Halogens simultaneously validates and empowers listeners with commonality, the idea of being relatable is never lost on the band. They know just the way you feel, those oddities of experiencing life, sadness, loss, and most importantly - happiness. Happy Hour succeeds in keeping listeners excited & queued in on Halogens. It leaves little to want, but maybe Halogens next move will be different, or maybe they won’t. Either way, they remain as one of our favorite locals of all time - a band with good intentions, support and kindness that exceeds their music.

We’ve got links down below to access Halogens, so you should definitely be checking them out. Support them by purchasing merchandise and/or their music on Bandcamp, and thanks for choosing The Hook!

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Halogens - Halogens EP Review

Enter in Halogens - one of The Hook's most recent featured locals, and add in their most recent EP, also Halogens.

What a great way to end your Tuesday off, am I right? Let's get started: Halogens self-titled EP is something you should be listening to already, but if you aren't, I'll be telling you all the reasons why you should most definitely get around to listening to it!

Released back in January (forgive us, we're catching up), Halogens - EP is a 5 track collection of diverse, eclectic and down right fun music. This is the pop punk you've been looking for. Of course, we're getting ahead of ourselves. The four piece pop punk outfit consists of Zach Henry (lead vocals and guitar), Charlie Throckmorton (guitar), Tim Wuestneck (bass and vocals), and George Saives (drums). A killer combo if you ask me. 

Check out the tracklist below!

Halogens Tracklist
1. Kitchen Sink
2. Run Around
3. Ayúdame!
4. Olive Garden Pt. 2
5. Resolution Phase

The EP opens up with "Kitchen Sink," a super powerful pop-punk introduction into the album. Not to mention one of my favorite tracks, as well. It's jam packed with stellar instrumentals that focus on current trends in pop-punk - complex rhythmic structures, vocals that rely both on singing and screaming, and of course lyrics to completely decimate your soul.

I wouldn't say, though, that Halogens is doing any reckless decimation with this EP. In fact, all of these tracks are plain old fun and lyrically more up-lifting than most - while, of course, still operating and dealing with the ideas of being alone, sadness, and upholding standards.

(Emotional stuff, you'll like it, I swear it.) 

Tracks to follow "Kitchen Sink," include the headrush powerhouse of "Run Around," an incredibly impressive and hard-hitting track that sits nicely in between the introduction of "Kitchen Sink," and the softer "Ayúdame!" The last track on the EP is "Resolution Phase," which is definitely the most quiet of the entire collection - a sincere resolution perhaps in the universe that the EP exists in - full of questions unanswered, of hunger, sadness, hope.

Of course, my other favorite track is "Olive Garden Pt. 2" - a song that I feel really cultivates all of the power, rhythm and really intelligent music making that Halogens has to offer. The 2:40 minute long track is the shortest on the EP, but uses incredible lyrics, vocals and instrumentals to create this superb culmination of music - and gosh, that wicked interlude before the two final sections - ok just listen to it.

Maybe I can sum it up like this: Halogens is really good, and their newest EP, Halogens is something you should add to your current playlist.

And, if you don't believe me - from "Olive Garden Pt. 2" all you need to know about Halogens, "Why can’t I shake this? / We’re just dying to relax."

True. Same.

Rating: 9/10

As always, head over to their social media for more info!

Halogens is also headed on tour, and you can check those dates out below, it's gonna be rad so make a show!

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