Jimmy Lo Fi - Dull Boy Album Review

Photographer:  Eddie Gancos

Photographer: Eddie Gancos

Jimmy Lo Fi, the nom de guerre of Jimmy Wilkens, releases his first solo album on November 1st. Wilkens is also the guitarist for The Sonder Bombs, as well as the drummer for Drag Daze. Dull Boy is his first solo project. He previously released four singles from the album, “Mountains,” “Boulevard,” “Apricots & Onions” and “Dammit, Comma, Dammit” which are available for streaming if you want to get a taste of the full album before it releases. Dull Boy will have a total of ten tracks. 

Described as post-emo/garage/indie, Jimmy Lo Fi is an artist I’d like to see more from in the future. Right from the first song on Dull Boy, I’m into it. The album is full of atmosphere, and definitely fits a dreamy indie bill.

Check out the tracklist below to follow along!

Album Artwork: RB Roe

Album Artwork: RB Roe

Dull Boy Tracklist:
1. 6 O’Clock News
2. Mountains
3. Therapy
4. Apricots & Onions
5. Just Relax, Dude!
6. American Pride Self-Serv Car Wash
7. Dammit, Comma, Dammit
8. Boulevard
9. Chaos Complex
10. Sad Closer

This album is cathartic, easy-going and ready to tell you it’s story. I appreciated the slower, more emotional songs incredibly. My favorite off this album is track three, “Therapy.” A track I would play when I start shifting into daydream mode. It starts off with an acoustic riff I love, and the melody and key changes keep you busy, making any listener feel some type of way. Track five, “Just Relax, Dude!” is another of my favorites, and I like the angrier tone of this song. (If you’re a cop don’t read this) Of course, let’s be real, it’s mostly because of lyric “I love to smoke weed,” because, dude, same.

Mr. Lo Fi has a talent for songwriting, which is something that becomes apparent when you really start listening. The lyrics of “Dammit, Comma, Dammit” are also pretty funny - “Dammit, I forgot to water my plants again / Dammit, I forgot to shower again” (again, same) - and then later in the song, “What should I do, smoke a bowl or take a poop?” (The eternal internal dilemma). It conveys a ridiculousness that works, not only because the musicality of the song flows really well and sounds great; but, also because the lyrics are, to use a cliché, relatable, even while making you laugh.

There’s a definitive melancholy side to Jimmy’s lyrics. A line in “Chaos Complex” that I love: “How come I don’t feel good when I’m thriving? I think it might be time to stop trying.” I listened to that one twice because I liked it so much, and it slid into second place for me, right after “Therapy.” The last song “Sad Closer” (an accurate title) takes the bronze medal. Whether he’s making you laugh, or making sure you’re both having an existential crisis lyrically, Jimmy Lo Fi gives us something one of a kind, a signature all his own.

Overall, it’s safe to say I loved this album.

I think Dull Boy is a great introduction for Jimmy Lo Fi, and it shows a promising start to a solo career. The vocals do get more solidified as the album progresses, and it’s just the first song that feels off to me, but maybe that’s only a weird me thing. Audiences can have a listen and decide for themselves when the album drops on November 1st. You can preorder the digital album, the CD version, or even a cassette tape from Jimmy’s Bandcamp!

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