Holy Smoke! - Pipe Dream Review


Out of Philadelphia, PA Holy Smoke! comes roaring in like a bat out of hell. The five piece is a gritty, smooth rolling stoner rock & roll group that's sure to awake the bad ass in all of us.

We're taking it back in time a little, and forgive us, we're just a tiny bit behind on the times - but August 7th, 2017, Holy Smoke! released their debut EP, Pipe Dream. The five track EP is an easy going, pretty standard debut for the band that showcases some of their core values: weed, rock & roll, and saving the world. Comprised of members David McNally (vocals), P. Michael Forte (bass), Aaron Morgan (drums), Brian Schmidt (guitar), and Justin Ulrich (guitar) you're sure to be slammed with lots of grunge-esque sounds.

Check out the tracklist below to keep up!


Pipe Dream Tracklist:
1. Rinse & Repeat
2. Blue Dreams
3. Missing the Mark  
4. Golden Retriever
5. Asch Backwards





Pipe Dream is a pretty standard little EP. It isn't going to have any surprises as it relates to other genre based releases. As a debut EP, it showcases the band's sound in a meaningful way, one that allows for improvement but also feels solid in performance on all levels. None of the tracks particularly stood out to myself as I listened, as the EP works best as one solid play-through, I did wonder on some occasions what could make Holy Smoke! stand out better?

Instrumentally, the EP flip flops between a grittier grunge rock sound and stoner rock. Lyrically, this doesn't always match up as in some spots the record feels more rock & roll lyrically and emotionally. There are some really great moments in tracks that highlight that blues-y rock sound, a thick, strumming bass line and shredding guitar. 

The tracks hang around the 4-5 minute mark and really let you sink into the groove that Holy Smoke! want you to hang out in, and that was something I could really appreciate. Moving forward, I wonder how Holy Smoke! will use Pipe Dream as a jumping off point and place for reflection as a band. There are a lot of places they could go, and I know the city of Philadelphia would be ready for any of those places, so I'm excited to see which they decide on.

As always, thanks for reading, and check out Holy Smoke! on their social media to never miss an update of what they've got going on!

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