Overwinter - Condor Review

Photographer: Richard Sanders

Photographer: Richard Sanders

We've been sitting on this review for a long time - and we're not proud of it, ok? This artist and this album, however, are near and dear to our hearts. Having played multiple Hook Showcases, as well as being a dynamic, outgoing and interesting performer, Overwinter is a seasoned Hook Veteran

Their debut EP, Condor, is what's been on our minds for (we're ashamed to say) the last three months. It's about damn time we're giving it the credit it's due. The 5-track EP was created in sensible DIY fashion in North Philadelphia, a bluesy, somber look into love and hate and loneliness - all of this with the quirky addition of electro-pop synth to tie it all together.

Check out the tracklist below to follow along!

Album Art: Jordyn Lyric

Album Art: Jordyn Lyric

Condor Tracklist:
1. Colours
2. Not Mine
3. Condor
4. Apostle
5. Let Go





Considering that Condor is Overwinter's first, official release we were highly impressed. It exerts itself into the heads of listeners in a sonically unique way. Francis' (aka Overwinter) voice lays over the tracks, melting in and out of moments while you listen. The use of track samples to enable new, creative ideas make Condor feel familiar and exciting all in one. As far as consistency, Condor shows an intermediate level of planning and coordination in track selection - something that not a lot of DIY artists can say when they're first starting out.

We know, we know we're a little late to the party. So late to the party that Overwinter is already planning new releases for 2018, some of which already in the works, and thanks to Condor and Overwinter's persistent energy and presence in the DIY Philadelphia scene, that release is heavily anticipated. 

Let's get back to the point, though.

"Apostle" is by far my favorite track off of the EP. It's sultry, sexy, dark, brooding, exciting and using all of it's elements in an important way. "Apostle" really gathers up all of Condor and says THIS IS WHAT I'VE GOT - and Overwinter isn't joking around. The EP's tightness grows in the last three tracks, and we're interested in seeing the progression Overwinter has made in their upcoming releases.

The Philadelphia native plays shows constantly, so we'll be leaving Overwinter's social media links down below so you can always stay up to date. And we'll make a promise, too. Next time they release something, we'll be on top of that as soon as humanly possible (we're one human so, it might be 3-5 business days).

As always, much love to Overwinter, and thanks for reading!

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