Prototype:AT - Dreamscape Review

Picture Courtesy of  IndonesianBob

Picture Courtesy of IndonesianBob

Out of the depths of the internet, there is always something or someone to find. In our case we found Prototype:AT and their latest release, Dreamscape. A "father-son duo" which is made up of one human Dad and one robotic son - they make music together and it's a pretty interesting time to say the least!

Dreamscape is a 10-track album that was released in July and explores a ton of wild concepts and electronic ideas. It hits on a ton of different genres and also is very self-aware. I can't tell how I feel about this album, and I'm not sure I can tell you how to feel about this album, so how about just check out the tracklist below.

Dreamscape Tracklist:
1. Introductions
2. Alien Squid Illuminati
3. Interlude 1: Looking Forward
4. Sedimentary
5. Interlude 2: Slowdown
6. Into the well, the string of marbles falls
7. Interlude 3: Tension
8. Goodbye Zero Girl/exit (-1)
9. Interlude 4: Looking Forward (Reprise)
10. Blank Space (Cover)


"Introductions" is pretty self-explanatory in which you hear father & son introduce themselves on this conceptual album. The beat is reminiscent of 8-bit or video game tracks, which helps this album stick out especially with tracks like "Into the well, the string of marbles falls" (my favorite personally). 

This album asks questions and answers them quite a bit on it's own. More so an experience rather than something you can think about too harshly. This concept is one that takes listeners on a journey as long as they want to go on it. "Alien Squid Illuminati" is a track that has gotten a lot of praise, and it is a really retro, thrasher metal type of track that feels leagues above the rest of the album as a whole. 

I find the back and forth between father and son interesting, as a writer I love the idea of story telling in music, and this album just does it in the most obvious way possible - a theme that explores space and dreams and things eating other things! If you're into that, you should check out Dreamscape and Prototype:AT.

We've got the whole thing streaming for you up above, and then check out their social media to keep up with what Prototype:AT is up to!

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