Resilient - How to Peach Review


Are you ready for some femme-driven grunge? We definitely weren't when we first heard Resilient, a Philadelphia four piece that combines fizzy, grunge-y music for a seething, oozing collection of music that makes you want to destroy the lives of people who have scorned you! The band released their full length How To Peach in July of this year, and we can't stop listening to it, so we're going to talk about it right stinkin' now!

According to the band's own bio, they were "born completely by accident out of the ashes of several other projects after a series of life-altering events, the members of said band would eventually call themselves Resilient." Their wide array of influences speaks immediately as the music begins. They (the band) refuse to allow themselves to be defined by any one style, but like we said above there are going to be undertones of grunge, punk, and prog-pop styles in their multi-layered arrangements.

How to Peach is a supreme example of that self-description. The 10-track album ebbs & flows like the crash of a wave break. Check out the tracklist below to follow along!



How to Peach is an incredibly flexible album in that it does not box itself in. Opening track "Crickets" is probably one of my favorites off the 10-track LP. With each of the tracks rounding out at 3-5 minutes, you're in for a journey on this one. "Ceiling" is a bit more alt-rock than grungier "Crickets" but that's okay, I dig that change of pace. More of the middle tracks like "Medication" or "The Duchess Act" are going to give you much of the same, which makes for an easy, albeit not ground breaking listening experience. 

That being said, this album can feel exhausting and at points monotonous as it doesn't change pace much, but rather just beats down on the listener with familiar drops and crashes. You can expect the way the vocal will follow the guitar down, or the crashing of the drums in the background when they're supposed to. I kind of hoped for more surprise. I wanted Resilient to hit harder, to give the listener the itch they want scratched, but it always fell just a little bit short for me. 

Overall, How to Peach is a really cool album for Resilient. It builds off of previous July 2016 release Imagining Things, so you can tell this band has a sound and they want to hone in on it. In the meantime, you should check it out and then check out Resilient's social media below to keep up with everything they've got goin' on! 

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