Aerial View – Golconda EP Review

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Before I listened to Aerial View, I had never even heard of “space rock,” but I was instantly intrigued. Who wouldn’t be? I mean, come on. Space rock. It’s not just a mineral floating through the cosmos. Aerial View describes themselves as “a balancing act: Combining aggressive grooves and vocal/guitar harmonies with lush, echoey atmosphere; balancing surprising chord progressions and song structures into cohesive tunes.” And that’s what space rock is – it’s known for being otherworldly and hypnotic, with an emphasis on instrumentals. 

Aerial View’s music certainly fits the bill. Their EP, Golconda, was released in May. It’s only 4 songs long, but each track hits past the 4-minute mark, which I think is the best length for a song. Any song under 4 minutes is just too short. It’s easier to get lost in longer songs – they give you more time to daydream and make music videos in your head. And the songs on Golconda are perfect for doing just that.

Check out the tracklist down below to follow along!

Golconda Tracklist:
1. I Run
2. Golconda
3. Silent Majority
4. With Eyes Unseeing





The instrumentals are dreamy, and the harmonies on this EP are so pleasing to the ear. No matter what music I listen to, I’m always drawn to the instrumentals first and foremost, and Aerial View does not disappoint in that department. The guitar chords are like nothing I’ve ever heard before, and they really do a good job with the melodies - making Golconda one of the catchiest, grooviest albums I've review to date!

Of the four songs on the album, I have to say the first one was my favorite from the way it instantly drew me in. “I Run” starts off with an atmospheric guitar chord that makes you feel like you’re floating in a dream. The songs on Golconda blend seamlessly into each other, giving the whole album a smooth, cohesive feeling. Plus, the album cover is amazing. Aerial View gets my gold seal of approval. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for them in the future. 

You can stream Golconda for free, and check out Aerial View on social media for any forthcoming updates. 

Aerial View: SoundCloud // Facebook