Almost Honest - Thunder Mouth Review

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say “groovy, sexy-funk, doom-metal”? I first thought of a Viking rock band, but that’s just me. In all actuality it’s the name of rockers from New Cumberland, PA, Almost Honest.

The 4-piece band has been around since 2013, and released their second full length album, Thunder Mouth back in May of this year. Thunder Mouth is a quirky compilation of a plethora of influences that all come together in the most interesting ways, and make for some really fun metal songs. Although nothing here is particularly ground breaking, Almost Honest has crafted a loving homage to a genre of music that clearly means so much to them and that makes it a treat to listen to.

It's hard to describe exactly how Almost Honest sounds without actually listening to them.

They’re a culmination of all of the best parts of metal combined in a way that is meant to leave a lasting impression on the listener. The rhythm section comprised of drummer Quinten Spangler, and bassist Seth Jackson are way better than they have any right to be and do an admirable job of always keeping the music interesting. Lead guitarist, Zach Keiffer’s solos and breakdowns are top notch while lead singer, Shayne Reed’s vocals are menacing and pervasive in the best way, providing the perfect texture for everything Almost Honest does.

From their humorous and eerily vivid lyrics to the immense wall of sound that is their music, Almost Honest brings the best parts of a wide variety of influences together in a beautifully seamless way on Thunder Mouth

Check out the tracklist below!

Thunder Mouth Tracklist:
1. Thunder Mouth
2. Cannibal Cowboy
3. Ghost in Flames
4. Appalachian Sasquatch
5. Horoscope
6. Gods & Swine
7. ’72 Cosmos
8. Grandfather Frost
9. Forbidden Knowledge
10. Robot Slave

The first track, and title track, “Thunder Mouth” kicks off with Jackson’s bass and an ambient thunderstorm sound effect to set a sort of uneasy and creepy tone that pervades the entire record. This is quickly offset by heavy guitars and a driving rhythm with Reed’s dastardly vocals filling in the cracks with assertion. We are then treated to one of the best choruses on the album. It’s melodic and progressive yet still heavy, and does an excellent job of breaking the mold of what is expected in a metal song.

This opening track is followed by one of the quirkier tracks off the record, “Cannibal Cowboy”. This song somehow manages to entertain not only through its heavy riffs and awesome guitar work, but also through the vivid telling of a tale of a cannibal cowboy, and somehow it all works together incredibly well. These first 2 tracks off of Thunder Mouth showcase both the serious and humorous sides of Almost Honest which is seen on the rest of the album. 

My favorites tracks off the record are “’72Cosmos” and “Grandfather Frost.” These 2 tracks provided some of the most interesting and diverse songwriting and pulled me completely back into the album.

Almost honest have crafted a devilishly compelling and fun album with Thunder Mouth. It’s metal at its finest, and has some of the most original ideas I’ve heard in a while. With songs like “Cannibal Cowboy,” “Grandfather Frost,” and "Appalachian Sasquatch” having me try to describe them would do no justice. You need to just hear this band for everything that they are, and Thunder Mouth is the best way to do it. 

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