HotKid - Late Night Mornings Review

HotKid, the alternative/fuzz-pop trio from our neighbors in the great white north in Toronto, Ontario have been making a name for themselves with their familiar yet signature sound. Their latest release and first full-length effort, Late Night Mornings, is a shining example of what happens when you fine tune and polish up a sort of garage rock feel to just the right point.

HotKid seems like the love child of Best Coast and Beck and give off a sort of complacent yet angsty vibe ripe with distorted vocals, overdriven guitars, and just the right amount of pop sensibilities. Every time I hear Late Night Mornings I can’t help but think of the band Sex Bob-ombs from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and as obscure and random as that reference may be, it is also one of the coolest compliments I can give a band.

Late Night Mornings doesn’t set out to redefine the wheel or revolutionize the industry by combining genres in unexpected ways, but oddly enough this plays in HotKid’s favor. When listening to their music you get a sort of nostalgic feeling that almost makes you feel safe in a sense. Whether you are actively listening or just have it on in the background, this music somehow evokes a calming sensation of recreation. Late Night Mornings isn’t particularly happy, as it envelops you in fuzzy soundscapes of twisted guitars and muddy vocals, but it still manages to make you feel good with its steady beats, and fun, albeit predictable, songwriting.

Check out the tracklist below! 

Late Night Mornings Tracklist:
1. Need a Friend
2. Late Night Mornings
3. Here4U
4. Little Mess
5. Caught in the Light
6. Jealous
7. Wasting Time
8. Walls
9. What We Wanted
10. This Time


The album starts off with the track “Need a Friend” filled with ambient soundscapes and alluring vocals giving it an almost Grouplove feel to it. It slowly starts to build in momentum and energy and comes to head about 3 quarters of the way through the track where it slows back down and eases the listener out of the song and into the title track off the album “Late Night Mornings”. The track starts off with a drum beat that drives the song and a guitar riff that feels right at home as if it could belong only to HotKid. This all leads into a deceptively catchy chorus that you will find yourself singing in your head long after the track is over without even realizing it. These first 2 songs serve as a great foundation for the rest of the album and give the listener a concise insight into what to expect from the remaining tracks. 

There are a few tracks however that break from the feeling that is established within the first couple of songs. “Caught in the Light” is a much more up-tempo and pop sounding track that is quick and infectious while still retaining that HotKid sound. “Wasting Time” and “What we Wanted” are of the same ilk as “Caught in the Light”. All of these songs are much more high-energy and dance-y and serve as a nice, refreshing change of pace on the album to break up some of the more chill vibes that permeate a lot of HotKid’s music. 

All in all Late Night Mornings is a clever and fun album that evokes some very positive vibes. What it lacks in diversity, it more than makes up for with extremely solid songwriting and performances. It may not steal your attention the first time you listen to it, but the brilliance behind these songs is that they creep into your mind without you even realizing it. Before long you’re going through your daily routine singing one of HotKid’s choruses, and it just makes everything better. 

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