Val Jester - Sorry Review

What beats the summer heat? Val Jester has been cooling us off for weeks now with their mix of indie, pop, and lofi sounds. We just can't get enough of it honestly.

On May 26th, Val Jester released their debut album, Sorry. A 12-track album that focuses primarily on smooth sounds and even smoother vocals. The mastermind behind the project (with plenty of help of course) is Max Schoenwetter. A New Jersey native, Max Schoenwetter played bass for his friend’s band, before deciding to try and write on his own. Started in September of 2017 after moving to Philadelphia, Val Jester was created from the catalog of songs he had curated over the previous three years. Recorded over a cup of tea, Sorry, is Val’s introduction to the world. Apologizing to those who will listen, Sorry, is Val’s way of clearing his conscious and making music that chills you out. 

Check out the tracklist below!

Sorry Tracklist:
1. America
2. Mediocre?
3. Home Alone, Alone
4. Is This Real? 
5. i was all over her -. 
6. an
7. Sanguineness
8. sorry
9. Chaos
10. Make It Work?
11. I Don't Wana
12. Goodbye

I have yet to have recorded an album so smooth, so mind-numbingly good in quite a long time. Consider Sorry the perfect mixture of indie sad boy and lofi distortion. Max's voice rasps as the perfect compliment to a thwang-ing guitar, a steady beat. While 12 tracks is a size-able amount, Sorry moves effortlessly in quick bursts of air. Steady, unnerving, easy to get lost into.

Opening track "America" is a testament to what the album is about. While not at all about America, the track is disturbingly self-aware with lyrics like "God Bless Me, / I am flawed, and / Prickly, and /Spiky." Overlaid on a distorted "God Bless America" the track is the open door to what the album Sorry is unapologetically about. Being flawed.

I just can't get enough of this album, honestly. From beginning to end it moves seamlessly, I have no favorite because I can't decide. I want there to be more. I want Max to give us more half-loved thoughts, all in the dark, just like secrets. This album feels good to listen to, which is hard to say about a lot of albums.

You definitely want to buy this one, listen to it. Listen to it again, show it to your best friend, keep it a secret and only play it in the car with people you don't care about. Whatever you need to do, you should do with this album in tow. Keep up with Val Jester, take our word for it.

Keep up with Val Jester via the social media links below, and thank us later.

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