Sally Draper - Does Too Review

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Leave it to a New Jersey-ian to have a track called "New York Is A Fucking Headache." With a mix of screamed lyrics and delicate instrumentals, Sally Draper are bringing a whole new grit to Central Jersey's scene - one that's got it's fists up to fight off the sadness.

DOES TOO is Sally Draper's debut album is a 10-track exploration of sound and fury. This album was recorded at the Behr Office LLP and their parents' houses between September 2016 and February 2017. Released for free on March 10th, DOES TOO was Engineered by Bob Osowski, and mixed & mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering. Sally Draper includes duo Ryan O'Leary (Guitar, Vocals, Piano), and Bob Osowski (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Piano).

Check out the tracklist below to follow along!

DOES TOO Tracklist:
1. The Air I Breathe
2. Spontaneity Preplanned
3. New York City Is A Fucking Headache
4. Ruthy, Forget Your Pain
5. 87
6. A Walk In The Woods
7. When You Found God, You Lost Yourself
8. Too Young To Be Too Old
9. Landing Strip
10. Can't Handle Happiness


This album is a beast of it's own. With instrumentals that are reminiscent of popular NJ local trends, Sally Draper treads a fine line between punk and angry. Most of the songs here are sad songs, the lyrical content feels obtuse against the vocals which feels obtuse against the instrumental presence.

The softness in opening track "The Air I Breathe" is likely to throw listeners off, but I wonder if that means Sally Draper is leaving a lasting impression? In this case, there are some songs where I wish the lyrics were sung at points. It'd make the tracks for more meaningful, but hey Sally Draper may not even be going for meaningful. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

The punk style screaming on DOES TOO makes it impactful, it does. I just want it to be more focused with the other things the duo is doing. The emotional gravity makes me excited, and on "87" and "When You Found God You Lost Yourself" I get a hint of the type of vocals I'd wished for more of the half-screamed, half-sung duality that is popular in basements, the voice of the unheard, emo-punk so to speak.

However, besides that, I was super impressed by the cohesive nature of the album. It sounds right together, and the uppity nature of DOES TOO keeps listeners intrigued and wanting. Sally Draper knows how to make me want to stay and listen, and I'm into it.

Check this lion of an album out, and to keep up with NJ pals Sally Draper, check out their social media below!

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