Years End - Ring Of Bone Review

The EP Ring Of Bone by Year’s End is an overall powerful collection of songs, with a sound that will throw you back to the years where The Devil Wears Prada ruled over your MP3 player. While there are some moments that incorporate heavy djent elements, they compliment the music and are not out of place with the direction this EP took. All things considered, Year’s End did a fantastic with Ring Of Bone, and it’s something new to pull off of post-hardcore’s dusty shelf.

Check out the tracklist below!

Ring Of Bone Tracklist:
1. War Town
2. Stargazer
3. The Only Living Boy in the Mid Atlantic
4. Old Hands
5. Black Lodge
6. Sans Amour
7. Indigo
8. Locust Grove
9. Prime
10. I Saved Latin, What Did You Ever Do?



Ring of Bone starts off strong with “War Town,” driving you to understand just how trapped Freeman feels. His vocals are a refreshing sound that have slight hints to Like Moths To Flame’s Chris Roetter’s abilities. It is clear with just the first song that this band was heavily influenced by the post-hardcore bands that raised anyone who listened to the genre, and that they won’t forget just how much the sound has impacted them as people. Something to really love about this band is that by listening to their music, you get a good sense of just how invested they would be during a live show. It’s clear to see, especially in songs like “The Only Living Boy In the Mid-Atlantic” and “Old Hands,” where you can just feel yourself in the pit at their show. These songs cause a knee-jerk reaction in me to want to scream their lyrics back to them.

With that said, they also do have a calmer song on their EP called “Indigo,” that pulls the heavy and fast-paced feel of the track back several steps and makes you reflect on how quickly you can go from 100 back down to zero in a few seconds. Personally, through all of it, this is probably my favorite track from the compilation, really bringing my focus back to center before picking me up and revving me back to life with the very relatable song “Locust Grove.” As one comes to the end of the EP, the track “I Saved Latin, What Did You Ever Do?” really closes it out with a solid feeling, and a relatable message of self-loathing. The track is a firm close to the collection, and really gives one a solid understanding of what this band set out to do when they combined their efforts to create these tracks.

All of the tracks on Ring Of Bone were written, tracked, mixed and produced very well. The Stick To Your Guns type of feeling that these songs give you will have you regret you missed their show with My Ticket Home in 2015, and have you hoping to see them out with Like Moths To Flames. It would be easy to see these guys being signed to InVogue or Fearless Records in the upcoming years, and hopefully they’ll pursue this passion that they have cultivated into a true talent. While there’s always room for improvement, hats off to all the members of Year’s End, and cheers to your bright future.

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