Sleeping Patterns - A Little Blood Never Hurt Anyone Review

Out of Massachusetts comes an exciting addition to post-rock, Sleeping Patterns. The band is celebrating the recent release of their debut LP, A Little Blood Never Hurt Anyone.

Sleeping Patterns is a 5-piece post-rock/emo band from Worcester, Massachusetts and A Little Blood Never Hurt Anyone follows two previous releases, an acoustic session and an EP. The album was released on 12” Vinyl/CD through Honest Face Records and Counter Intuitive Records. When asked about the album title and artwork, Guitarist/Vocalist Zach Boudrot said, β€œThe album artwork is a representation of the loss of innocence that accompanies emotional and physical pain. Learning to grow, and using that as a catalyst for change in your life is extremely important to benefiting your well-being as a person.” 

The 11-track album is an incredibly emotional and technically exciting album for listeners and fans. It's a nice change of pace for the band as well, while this album exudes a confidence that the 2015 EP, Prejudice, seems to lack in both experience and willingness. 

Check out the tracklist below!

A Little Blood Never Hurt Anyone Tracklist:
1. Prelude
2. Choose
3. Barely Enough
4. Raindance
5. Cigarette Song
6. A Little Blood
7. Embryonal Carcinoma
8. I Wrote This Song While Thinking Of You
9. Cut Ties
10. Breaking A Lung
11. Obsolete

I'm not one for Preludes, and Sleeping Patterns' does little for me in terms of this album. The prelude also feels a little bit darker than some of the corresponding tracks it follows. However, this entire album is really stinkin' good.

Each track is emotional, easy to follow, and leaves me with the desire to play it over and over again. The journey that A Little Blood Never Hurt Anyone takes you on is one you want to memorize lyrics too. It's a grown up version of what Sleeping Patterns has been doing - more focused musically and instrumentally, hitting hard into love and loss. This album also has some of the best track titles I've ever seen, as I'm always into the "I Wrote This Song While Thinking Of You" or "Breaking A Lung."

Either way, check this out, an album you definitely want to be a part of and keep up with Sleeping Patterns on their social media, which you can check out below!

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