Witch H(c)unt - Self Titled Review

Weird, emotional,  and quirky as all hell, Witch H(c)unt by an artist of the same name tackles some very strong, intimate themes via the new wave of DIY punk that lives in the Philadelphia Underground.

Let’s get this out of the way early, musically this album doesn't follow a straightforward path. It interchanges between indie-ish folk and dirty, brash alternative rock. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of folksy vocals, but at times they give off a tone I can only describe as a monotonous mesh between Amanda Palmer and Jessicka Addams. It’s very punk, but maybe outside of havens of punk basements and art spaces, it may be something difficult to get into. 


Self-Titled Tracklist:
1. i don't like u
2. garrett's song
3. sack of shit
4. Nayo Jones - Black and Queer
5. lil fishies
6. vomit queen
7. Rehan Ahmed - Phone Call and Faith
8. ghost bro
9. transmasc
10. trash
11. Consent †∆† short essay
12. Content Warning
13. fuck boyz never change
14. failed me 2
15. sunshine world
16. Karla Maria - Brown Girl in the Mix-Tuesday Hauntings

Instrumentally, there’s a heavy usage of banjo, and occasionally a very light bit of synthesizer sounds, but otherwise there’s nothing that really grabs you instrumentally. "Vomit Queen" does feature a very driving guitar/bass/drum combo, and it’s possibly the song I enjoyed the most, but most of the album is blurred. 
One thing I did enjoy about this album was some of the themes it presented. This is an album that attempts to tackle mental illness, sexual assault, emotional abuse, and trans-masculinity.  The most powerful moments of the album are separate from the music; contained within the spoken word poetry segments. Stories from marginalized members of society strike a personal chord within the listeners and the performers themselves. Even in the musical tracks, the topics portrayed here are deeply personal and the artists themselves are speaking from a very vulnerable place. 
Something I realized after finishing this album was that this album isn’t for me. This wasn’t something written to please me. This album is an artistic representation of a scene I don’t participate in and for an audience I will not find myself among. However, there is a correlation I can draw to this. Hell, all musicians can.

This album is purely music as an art form instead of as a form of entertainment. Every musician has created at least one thing that deviates from a need for an audience. An absolute form of self expression meant to make a statement about yourself and the world you live in. As someone who enjoys more well produced, structured and formulaic releases, this really isn’t my cup of tea. But there is an inherent importance to this release. The value in this lies less in the sound, and more in the statement.
Witch H(c)unt is a West Philly performance artist, and their self-titled album is available to stream currently on bandcamp, otherwise check out their social media below to stay up to date!

Witch H(c)unt: Facebook // Bandcamp