The Stone Eye - Royal and Damned EP Review

The Stone Eye is a grungy rock group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You might remember them from a previous Hook piece we wrote about, but now we're back with something brand new! Their newest work, a 3-track EP, Royal and Damned, was released on May 3rd!

Check out the tracklist below for this quick little EP!

Royal And Damned

Royal & Damned Tracklist:
1. Farewell Lady
2. Death From Above
3. Colours In Vain






The EP starts strong with “Farewell Lady,” a fuzzy, riff heavy track with a very Alice In Chains vocal sound. The production is a bit on the garage-y side, but still quite good. The energy of the song is relentlessly high, and melodically is powerful.

On track two, “Death From Above,” the drums sit a bit higher in the mix, which I was quite pleased by. The technical ability of the musicians, particularly the drummer, show much more on this song than on the first one. The 90’s grunge influence is quite obvious for this group, so if you are into that, (which I certainly am), then you will totally dig this record. The musical breaks on both tracks thus far are impressively heavy.

The final track of the EP, “Colours In Vain,” is an acoustic track. The vocal harmonies onthis song are particularly strong and appear in multiple layers throughout it’s duration. It reminds me of old Stone Temple Pilots in the way that it achieves prettiness despite maintaining it’s grungy undertones.

I highly recommend Royal and Damned by The Stone Eye to fans of Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots. The band has successfully showed off their influence without coming off as copycats, which is an impressive feat in this genre.

Listen to Royal And Damned, and check out The Stone Eye on their social media to stay up to date!

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