Adventure Lost - Going Back To Sleep Review

 Photographer: Richard Sanders

Photographer: Richard Sanders

Philadelphia two-piece, Adventure Lost have been anticipating their debut full-length for nearly 7 months, and we've been on the edge of our seats waiting for it as well.

Larry Iaccio (Drums/Vox) and Jack Faracchio (Vox/Guitar/Piano) created Adventure Lost back in 2015, and have been working on getting to this point since then. Going Back To Sleep is a concept album that could only exist after years of working through what they wanted and hoped for from Adventure Lost: an electrifying progressive pop sound that leaves listeners completely on their toes.

Going Back To Sleep was recorded and mixed by Michael Richelle at M Sound Studios, and mastered by Dennis Mortensen. The 11-track concept album explores different, dream-like themes such as love, death, life & all of the weird things in between. An adventure for sure, Going Back To Sleep is one of the most exciting album's I've had the opportunities of reviewing this year just due to it's dynamic presence.

Check out the tracklist below to follow along!

Going Back to Sleep Tracklist:
1) Dream of Dying
2) Death by Dreaming
3) Blue Dawn
4) Istanbul
5) Dance Again
6) Love in Ruins
7) Hanging by a Thread
8) 7/4 (What You’re Looking For)
9) Look in the Sky
10) I Won’t Wait (Dangerous)
11) Another Life


"Dream of Dying" is a powerful, but smooth opening track for Going Back To Sleep. A song that sets the pace for the entire concept album, a lull into the void that Adventure Lost create for listeners. The anticipation of the opening track slides it's way into "Death By Dreaming," and "Blue Dawn" which are entirely instrumental.

Released prior to the album as a single, "Istanbul" is a stand-out track due to it's sheer magnitude and impressive encompassment of the album's entirety via sound, vocal performance and overall vibe. It revitalizes the album after the listener spends two minutes in the instrumental black space that track two & three create - maybe dreaming. "Dance Again" follows suit with a smooth guitar riff and the echo of two voices to create a tango for the listener. 

"Love In Ruins" is reminiscent of They Might Be Giants in the unusual harmonization between the two musicians, and maybe my least favorite off of the album simply because it felt like a filler track rather than something that could stand on it's own. "Hanging By A Thread" follows suit with prior songs, and has a catchy melody.

"7/4 (What You're Looking For)" is another standout track for Going Back To Sleep as, again, it's really cultivating what I enjoy about Adventure Lost. A smooth vocal track, and an instrumental performance that follows the voice without over-shadowing it. Jack's voice on this track also feels incredibly fleshed out and exciting - between the catchy chorus and the duality of Larry & Jack together, I just love this track.

"Look In The Sky" is another more conceptual piece, dreamy and lush with a soft guitar, it helps bring the listener through the final stretch of the album, and especially into "I Wont Wait (Dangerous)." This is definitely the wind down period of the album, one that begs to wrap up the story that Going Back To Sleep tells. Final track, "Another Life" is a fantastic wrap up, reprise track. One that pulls from chords and progressions from track 1, "Dream of Dying."

Here's an album stream in case we've persuaded you.

Going Back To Sleep is a well-constructed, thought out and divisive concept album. One that is catchy, exciting and a huge step for Adventure Lost as a band. As a two piece, the album sounds and feels thorough, full of sound, and exhilarating. The best way to describe my listening experience with this album is me playing it for a friend, and my friend asking me if there were at least 5 members in the band, and them being shocked that the fullness of sound and complexity was just constructed by two members.

Like, yeah it's that good.

You definitely want to check out Adventure Lost, we've got the album streaming for you above, and you can click the links below to peep their social media for more updates!

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