John Dominy – Atlantic Coast Review

Philly-based indie singer/songwriter John Dominy released his second album last year, called Atlantic Coast. And the title is pretty perfect for the overall feel of the album. It’s what I like to call beach music, which is my favorite type of music to listen to when I want to mellow out.

Check out the tracklist below to follow along!

1. Atlantic Coast
2. Starlight Friends
3. Money
4. Mixed Up
5. Modern Dream
6. February
7. Boot Straps
8. Fourth of July
9. San Antone
10. The River



The album starts off with the title track, “Atlantic Coast,” which is a dreamy song that made me instantly want to get in my car and drive to the beach (but I always want to go to the beach). It transitions seamlessly into “Starlight Friends,” which is a little more of an upbeat track, and then the slower and sweeter “Money,” which I have to name as one of my favorite songs on the album.

The entirety of Atlantic Coast should definitely be listened to while you’re on a road trip down the shore or you’re hanging out by the sand and surf, watching the sun go down. I feel like it would be a great one to see performed live, too. John Dominy’s vocals are soft and soothing, and the twangy guitar combined with the melodies bring every song together in just the right way. 
This album was a pleasure to listen to the whole way through, and I would love to hear more from John Dominy. He reminds me of some of my favorite artists (specifically Beach House, and I’m pretty sure I’ve said this in one of my reviews before, but comparing an artist to Beach House is high praise from me).

Dominy also gives me The Beach Boys vibes. Sensing a theme here? Yeah. Beach music. The best kind. Imagine the smell of sunblock, the ocean, the salty sea air – that’s where Dominy’s music takes me, and it’s my favorite place to be. His lyrics and instrumentals together on each song make for a fantastic listening experience. Do me a favor and check out this album. Put it on some summer playlists, and give John Dominy some love. He deserves it. 
My top three tracks off this album are coincidentally the very first three, just in another order: “Money,” “Atlantic Coast,” and “Starlight Friends.” I’m also gonna give an honorable mention to “The River.” 
Happy listening, folks, and enjoy the music!

John Dominy: Facebook // Spotify // Website