Merilette – MindPaint Review

Merilette is a creator of artistic pop music, and her first album, MindPaint, is a strong introduction into the pop world. With soulful lyrics and catchy beats with dance-rhythm synths, the 10-track album is a fun one to play in the background. The album cover is sure pretty, and it feels perfectly in synch with how the music sounds with its bright colors and neon lights.

Here’s the track list to follow along!

MindPaint Tracklist:
1. The Queen
2. Kaleidoscope
3. Forever
4. Mindpaint
5. Horrible Bastard
6. Take Me Outside
7. Chillbit
8. Feast
9. Comfortable Love
10. Catch the Sun (Wolfslayer Remix)

Overall, I’d say Merilette has a lot of potential, and I’d like to see how she progresses as an artist as she puts out more music.

MindPaint was released in August 2015, so it’s fairly old, and I’d be interested to know if Merilette is working on some new stuff that she plans to release any time soon. The artist says her first album was “created by delving into the depths of my soul and the soul of society – everything that is right and wrong with the world. Unadulterated creativity, drugs, mental health, sexism, self-esteem, violence, ever-fleeting happiness, sexual assault, and yes, oddly enough, cannibalism.” With a description like that, I was immediately interested, though I’ll admit I wasn’t really pulled into the album until about the third or fourth song. I was into the backbeats and the instrumentals more than anything – “Mindpaint,” the title track, had a really good techno beat that I feel would fit really well with the club scene. 

As a critique of this album, I will say the vocals were a bit too lacking for me to give this a 10 out of 10. Merilette’s voice was a lot less strong than the instrumentals on the album, though that may just be a sound mixing issue. She is a good singer, but I’d like to hear her belt it; her voice was breathy in most of the songs, which at times didn’t mesh well with the heavy instrumentals. As a first-time listener, this is one of those albums you might have to play through a couple of times to really get into it. 

That’s not to say it isn’t good – it is, especially for a first album. And it does make me excited to see where else Merilette can go with her music. Like I said, she has a lot of potential. The fact that she’s entirely self-made and self-produced is probably the number one reason why this album is good, but there’s room for improvement. I definitely feel that if Merilette was attached to a label and a professional producer, she could really pack a punch. And the way to get her noticed by the big leagues is to spread the word about her and get her name out there, so if you like MindPaint, spread it and share it with your friends! Merilette is definitely worthy of some attention.

MindPaint is available for streaming on Spotify, and you can also hear an acapella version of it (I love some good acapella; Pitch Perfect, anyone?) on Merilette’s SoundCloud, as well as some of her other music. She’s currently writing new music, so I’m interested to see where Merilette will go from here.

Keep up with her through her website or Facebook, and look out for new releases from her soon!

Merilette: Website // Facebook