Sea Offs - What's The Point Review

Sea Offs

Sea Offs are a dream-pop duo made up of songwriters Olivia Price and Rashmit Arora. Acquainted while attending Penn State University, the two bonded over their love of dreamy folk-rock music and a shared socio-political belief system.

What’s The Point is an eight track journey through a vast array of smooth, dreamy, and clearly carefully sculpted soundscapes. One of the most notable characteristics of this set of recordings is the ebbing and flowing of tempo’s and instrumentation. Slow, smooth, vocal-led verses and choruses morph seamlessly and instantaneously into upbeat and fully orchestrated refrains, featuring horns, xylophones, cellos and more. This album is surely composed in a manner that is better enjoyed in its entirety than by skipping around track by track.

Check out the tracklist below!

Sea Offs

1. Runaway 04:19
2. Occhiolism 03:15
3. Strawberry 04:06
4. A Leap Too Tall 06:09
5. Avenoir 01:44
6. Joshua 04:23
7. Unfound 04:03
8. The Pining 03:30



Track one, “Runaway,” is a beautiful and melodic track that sets the tone spectacularly for the rest of the album. The Vocals are soft and airy and are performed with emotional ferocity and dynamic gentleness. The melody is one that you wish to hear again as soon as it ends.

Following “Runaway,” there is a soothing and calming aura to the album that causes the listener (at least in my case) to slip in to an existential awareness, much like being high. Particularly stand-out tracks include “Strawberry” and “Unfound.” The dynamic range and instrumentation are exceptional, as well as the production. There is a perfect blend of indie-feel and high production value that meet to create a very relatable, but still larger than life sonic painting (especially when turned up loud).

If I was challenged with picking a weak spot on this record, I would say that the production of the drums on Occhiolism (track two) seems a little choppy in comparison to the beautiful flow of the rest of the album. That being said, the drums on the rest of the tracks sound spectacular to me.

Closing the album with “Pining” was an excellent descision. I love the way that starts so softly, leaving the listener to believe that this will be the soft “fading out” of the record, but rather it leads to perhaps the most climactic explosive moment on the album just before it ends. It’s a magnificent plot twist that left me feeling blissfully satisfied.

Overall I would highly recommend this album to introspective or deep-thinking music listeners. It is definitely not the type of album you drive to as much as you would meditate or paint to. There is a thought provoking quality to it that lends it self to involved listening rather than active listening. I can’t wait to listen to it again on my own!

Definitely check out Sea Offs What’s The Point.

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