My Iron Heart - Beatitude Americana Review

Out of Newark, New Jersey comes Progressive Metal band, My Iron Heart. The quintet is celebrating the recent release of their EP, Beatitude Americana. This is their first release since 2013, and is an exciting step forward for the NJ quintet. 

The four-track EP was produced/mixed/recorded by Michael Cozine, and mastered by Rick Essig, My Iron Heart consists of Jake DeZerga (Vocals), Michael Cozine (Guitar), Jason Mallonga (Bass), Evan Daniele (Drums), and Rob Birchwood (Keys). Following a short hiatus, My Iron Heart is finally back with Beatitude Americana, released May 12, 2017. According to their own words, they hoped that Beatitude Americana would be a testament to the new and the old, to turn heads, to excite listeners.

Check out the tracklist below, and keep reading to find out if we agree with them!


Beatitude Americana Tracklist:
1. Cheeky Nandos
2. Mr. Popo
3. Carbon Beach 04:56
4. Transmorphism 03:17






"Cheeky Nandos" opens up the EP, and is a good example of how the EP fluctuates between a progressive metal and a melodic metal sound. I took into consideration previous albums from My Iron Heart, including their 2013 release, Guardian to understand My Iron Heart's process!

What I found interesting about My Iron Heart, and especially Beatitude Americana in comparison to previous albums was that Beatitude Americana seemed to be taking a small step back from the heavier hardcore/death metal styles and infusing prog metal and metalcore into this 4-track EP. Tracks like "Mr. Popo," and "Transmorphism" do this especially.

A standout track off of the EP is "Carbon Beach," as it seems to start of WAY more pop punk than I intended or expected. The track helps anchor the EP while also keeping the rhythm steady for "Transmorphism" to finish out.

Overall, interesting take for their most recent release. I am curious as to what direction My Iron Heart is interested in going in, but generally their music is hard hitting and fast, so that's always fun for those aggro-music lovers. It's a short, hard little EP that wants to earn your respect, so let it.

For more on My Iron Heart, and what they're up to, check out their social media below!

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