Uncle Frank - Love Lion Review

Uncle Frank is a mixed-genre band hailing from Leicester in the United Kingdom, and their album Love Lion is their most recent debut. Uncle Frank is made up of Frank Benbini on vocals, Naim Cortazzi on guitar, Jnr Benbini on drums, and Luke Bryan on bass, and they combine their talents to create fantastic music with an infectious sound. Love Lion follows their previous releases of the Maximum Respect EP and the album Smiles for Miles. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Love Lion all the way through. I really liked every song on the album, and this is definitely one I’ll be coming back to. 

Uncle Frank’s sound is classic – and that’s a broad term for me, because when I say “classic” it could mean literally any music that came before the new millennium, from the 1930’s to the 1990’s. Some of the songs on Love Lion gave me 1950’s vibes and others gave me ‘80’s vibes. The transition from “Hot Secret Lover” to “Kiss and Tell” is specifically what I’m talking about here. “Hot Secret Lover” really reminds me of beachy 50’s songs with the twangy guitar and smooth, slow vocals (beautiful vocals on that song), but “Kiss and Tell” does a time warp and pulls me into the 80’s with the synth sounds and the keyboard.


Love Lion Tracklist:
1. Love Lion
2. Fountains
3. Hot Secret Lover
4. Kiss and Tell
5. Ku Ku Nu
6. Maximum Respect
7. Tokyo
8. Your Man
9. North Shore

Overall, the album definitely has more of an 80’s feel, but there are a few songs that go back to older decades. It’s the band’s instrumentals that really pull the album together, and combined with the vocals, it makes for one unique listening experience.

There wasn’t a song on Love Lion I didn’t like. The chords in each track and the melodies were all beautifully tied together, and really soothing to listen to. I have a particular fondness for the guitar and bass in this album. There was at least one specific chord in every song that was just so pretty and made my ears very happy. Compliments to Naim Cortazzi and Luke Bryan for their skills. Frank Benbini also has an amazing voice, especially on “Hot Secret Lover,” which I will be listening to on repeat for the next few days. The talent in Uncle Frank is obvious, and I’m definitely intrigued enough to go and listen to some of their older stuff. Uncle Frank has a new fan.
“Hot Secret Lover” takes the cake as my favorite song off the album (I’m definitely adding it to a few personal playlists), followed by the title track “Love Lion.” Give it a listen, and look up Uncle Frank on iTunes and Spotify for more great music!

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