Andross - Recidivist Review

Indie Punk Rock is well defined by Andross, a Philadelphia four piece, who are celebrating the recent release of their third full-length album, Recidivist. Having just played one of our Hook Showcases on April 28th, we might be a little biased, but Andross is one of the best bands around right now - really exciting up & coming band stuff, ya know.

Released on May 19th, Recidivist was produced, engineered, mixed, mastered by Kevin Folk at Warm Body Studios, includes 7 additional vocals, and of course couldn't be created without band members Tim Balch (vocals, guitars, acoustic guitar, keyboards), Chris Waters (guitars, backing vocals), Drew Grahn (bass), and Tom Brucker (drums, percussion, backing vocals). The 10-track album is a hard hitting, fast paced collection that adds a lasting impression to Andross' already impressive discography.

Check out the tracklist below to keep up with us!

Recidivist Tracklist:
1. Recidivist
2. The Consensual Revolution
3. Moonracer
4. I Don't Want Yr Money
5. Violence 1995
6. King Coyote
7. Needa
8. Pinko
9. Got a Gun, Agnes
10. Inventor and Human Dynamo


Recidivist is a fast paced album that relies on heavy hitting riffs contrasting against the voice of Balch who has inherited this half-sung, half-screamed lyricism. Opening track, "Recidivist" immediately slinks the listener into the world of Andross - a fast-paced, hungry space for you to get lost into. Some of these tracks move so fast, it's easy to listen to the album in it's entirety without realizing.

One of my favorite tracks off of the EP is "Violence 1995." This track, in comparison to the four tracks that come before it, sounds full. Musically, this track really brings in what I want from Andross. A lot of the tracks feel hinged on punk and indie vibes, but they never thoroughly stick to one - which definitely isn't a complain, but it can make the tracks feel similar to one another.

"King Coyote" is such an interesting stand out track for this album. Mostly acoustic, more traditionally "indie," but honestly it reminded me more so of folk-y rock? It's sort of a surprise when it comes on, but after many listen-throughs, I've decided that Andross' tactic for Recidivist is one that highlights their ability to shape shift. I usually go through every track and break it down, but I think that's something the listener should do. This album will surprise you, confuse you, make you sad, make you happy. This album is a light in the dark, and I am so unbelievably excited to see what Andross has in store.

Recedivist is 10-tracks of hard work and love from Andross, and that sweats through each track as you follow along. In comparison to their last big release, These Are The Giants We Know, seems a much more post-hardcore collection than Recidivist, especially instrumentally, not to mention the variety. Don't sleep on this one. Check out a bandcamp stream of "Violence 1995" while you're here.

As we said above, (maybe we're gloating), Andross is a Hook favorite, and you'd be legit silly to not check these guys out. If you're into anything at all we've said, then definitely stay up to date on all Andross news by checking out their social media links down below! Andross is Philly's force to be reckoned with. 

Andross: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Bandcamp