American Dinosaur - One For The Birds Review

American Dinosaurs describe themselves as "The kind of Rock and Roll that you have been searching for since the 70s.  Yes, that well written, soul grabbing, face melting Rock and Roll with a new space age twist," which may be a huge leap at first glance, but from the moment you pick up their music to the moment you put it down, you may have a hard time disagreeing with them.

We sure did.

Out of Philadelphia, PA American Dinosaur released One For The Birds, their 6-track EP, earlier this year. The smooth, rock & roll inspired EP is an ecclectic change of pace for us, one that feels well-put together, musically sound and full, as well as just plain, old fun. According to their website's bio, "In February of 2016, the band began recording their follow up EP entitled One For the Birds at MilkBoy Studios in Philadelphia with Tommy Joyner. The EP was released to great acclaim, with the debut single in rotation on 88.5 WXPN in Philadelphia," and this stuff's good, to boot. 

Check out their tracklist below!

One For The Birds Tracklist:
1. One For The Birds
2. Lizard Queen
3. Supernovas
4. Da Phunqueax
5. Double Down
6. Sweepstakes




Opening title-track leads listeners in to a fluid atmosphere of tranquil guitar, lucid drums and the sounds of birds. Vocal performance doesn't even enter in until nearly halfway through, leaving this mainly instrumental song to bolster the rest of the EP - and what a surprise it is when "Lizard Queen" plays. A psychadelic, 70's-esque rock jam that pushes the EP into an even bigger, better scenescape. The echoing voices contribute to this vibe that American Dinosaur just exude.

"Supernovas" follows in fast and low, breaking into a mirage of sound and song, the lead guitar pressing the melody forward. This is another fiercely stoner rock track that pulls from a more contemporary noise. The portion of the song where they cover "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" should make you want to listen to the track regardless, honestly.

Check it out below!

The low rumble that is track four, "Da Phunqueax" opens up with the most fabulous riff, straight into the smooth wailing vocal of generations past. "Double Down" follows suit, the drums tipping off the guitars. Final track, "Sweepstakes" is the most eerie of the six tracks - and it's the one mentioned earlier that did well on WXPN! Off of the album, "Sweepstakes" pulls in all of the different techniques that the other tracks fooled around with, and as a closer it pulls the listener back into reality, back to earth to follow American Dinosaurs wherever they may go next.

Overall, this EP was well-rounded and fun to listen to. I'd say if you're the type of person who defines all music by clear-cut genres (bleh) then this is going to follow a more vintage stoner rock rather than a rock & roll type vibe. "One For The Birds" is the one track that stood out in a way that made my wonder why it was on the EP, as it's sound stems from a more blues inspired one rather than rock, but I guess I don't mind that too much besides in the context of how the tracks supply one another. My personal favorite is "Lizard Queen," but you should choose your own and check out the tracks on their youtube above!

What better way to spend warm summer nights than listening to American Dinosaur? We know what we're gonna be up to. If you're into what you heard here, check out American Dinosaur via their social media links so you never miss an update!

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