Paige K - Self-Titled EP Review

Paige K, otherwise known as Pagona Kytzidis, is an ambitious young indie artist from Cheltenham, ready to make a name for herself in the music world.

Only 18 years old, Paige K is off to a good start with her self-titled debut EP. All four songs on the album were written by Paige herself. She names some of her influences as Fiona Apple, Alabama Shakes, and The Smiths, but with her own unique sound, Paige K brings a promising debut to the indie music sphere. She’s already played various venues around the local Philadelphia area and continues to impress with her powerful vocals and reverbed guitar chords. 

Check out the tracklist below!

Self Titled Tracklist:
1. tragic
2. a possible new chapter 03:50
3. prop me up 03:46
4. tomorrow 04:39





Her self-titled EP definitely speaks to her influences, but her sound is all her own. I am impressed by her vocals, especially since she’s only 18. She sounds older than she is in her songs, and her talent is evident. This girl is going places.

With a slew of public performances already under her belt, she’s also already recorded 30 songs besides the 4 on her EP. I can’t imagine how she balances school with building up her music career, but her hard work pays off in this EP. My favorite song is easily “A Possible New Chapter,” the second of the four. All the songs on the EP are what I like to call “coffeehouse jams,” perfect for live performances at local hotspots, and like what you would hear while in line at Starbucks or Saxby’s.

What stands out to me the most is definitely the momentum behind the vocals, but the layered guitar is equally as effective. The chords in “Tomorrow” are amazing. I wish I had the combination of talent and ambition that this girl does. I can sing, but I can’t play any instruments, and I don’t have nearly the work ethic I would need to move forward in the music world like Paige is doing. I applaud her for the time and effort she’s put into her music, because it really pays off.

I would love to hear more from her in the future, and she’s definitely worth checking out. Keep up to date with Paige K on her social media below!

Paige K: Website // Facebook // Bandcamp