P-Funk North - Buds Won't Break Your Heart Review

If the lovechild of Sublime, Bob Marley, and Street Light Manifesto exists, it would be P-Funk North. Hailing from North Plainfield, New Jersey - the best parts of Reggae, Ska & Funk are extensively procured and executed in Buds Won’t Break Your Heart the October 8th, 2016 release that is a 12-track compendium of "jahms" (obviously a made up word of mine combining Jah & jams…).

Check out the tracklist below!

Buds Won't Break Your Heart Tracklist:
1. 3rd Degree Of Separation 
2. Sugarcoat
3. More Than Meets The Eye 
4. Poppies & Gin
5. Hit The Bowl
6. Smoke Break
7. Feel It In Your Blood
8. Waking Up Angry
9. Billy The Bum
10. Jealousy 
11. Rewind The Crisis
12. True Love Anarchy 

The band goes through a few genres bending pieces: “Sugarcoat” stands out as the heavily Sublime-esque vibes that soar throughout the song. The songs starts out with the title in the track putting you off on an adventure of candid irony, “What would you do if I told you to lie to me? Would you oblige or tell me honestly? And would you even know how to sugarcoat it properly?”  The band gets an 80s dance-rock feel on “Poppies & Gin” making it a very dance-pop piece with a grunge band. P-Funk North creates an immersive realm to their minds and emotions going through the changes of their versatility.  

Produced by Ryan Weil of Weilhouse Productions the album seems to be forced to create as many types of genre bending avenues in order to get the most organic output for the band’s talent.

The ska reggae romance continues in “Hit The Bowl” the song is an anthem for ‘letting go of stress and anxieties; perpetuated through Society and personal relationships.’ The artwork is spectacular giving the band a beautiful concept for their Cannabis-based Ska act, it gives way to explain their intriguing view on life in general. The band gets very swingy in “Waking Up Angry” the second half of the album is just showcasing how amazing the band really is.

Dave with his vocals and bass parts that are soulful and lyrical; he tells stories of his mind and where he’s at in each song. Joel ripping on the guitar gives the band the domain in which the drums and bass can lock into the groove. Pat’s innate drumming and percussion abilities have a way of making myself move. Mastering credit goes to Len Carmichael, bringing together a brilliant master - Ryan Weil’s genius mix giving the band the space and place as a sonic representation.  

The ending tracks of “Rewind The Crisis” and “True Love Anarchy” bring this opus of Reggae Radicalism to a close - epically might I add, throwing  down on a few good Ska breaks. P-Funk North are a force to be reckoned with on the Reggae scene, be on the lookout for upcoming releases you can find their links below!

Favorite Song: Sugarcoat
Honorable Mentions: Hit The Bowl, Billy The Bum

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