Inner Temple - Captivity Review

 Photography: Richard Sanders

Photography: Richard Sanders

Nobody hits harder than Inner Temple - at least in our eyes.

The Pennsylvania natives are a mixture of hard rock, emo-rock, and Nirvana-esque riffage. This punchy, fast-moving, and exciting music was collected onto a recent EP. Captivity was released in October of 2016, and has been breaking our heart ever since. I mean check out this quote from Sean Gonzalez at New Noise Magazine if you don't believe us, “A distinctive punch that blends emotionally charged lyrics with thick walls of melody to create a huge sound that is sure to make you remember their name.”

Captivity is a mere 5-tracks long, with the longest track "Captivity" coming in just over 4 minutes. This EP is fast, loud, and so reminiscent of 90's alt-rock I can't even handle it. The EP was written by Inner Temple, recorded/mixed by Keeyan Zimmerman, produced by Chris Castillo, and mastered by Mat Kerekes.

To keep up with us during this review, check out the tracklist for Captivity below!

Captivity Tracklist:
1. Always Something
2. Show Me
3. Your Favorite Season
4. Broken Teeth
5. Captivity





Opening track, "Always Something," is definitely my favorite off of this EP. It powers through for listeners as a breakaway track - simultaneously capturing your attention and pulling you into what Captivity has to offer. This track also caught my attention because Inner Temple hit fuckin' hard. I'm talkin' hard, like this is the grungiest alt rock I've ever experienced (second to Nirvana).

Captivity flows effortlessly through the next four tracks, all of which follow suit in "Always Something's" footsteps. The EP is an exciting step forward, and mostly my only commentary was that I wish it had more depth and range. The four tracks that follow "Always Something" flow well with the EP, but they feel drastically less hard hitting. Maybe more nuanced than I expected?

Instrumentally, the duality of the threesome is beyond epic. There is such a depth to their instrumental presence, one that other bands would have trouble replicating. Dustin's voice is a gritty, sandpaper like addition to the heavy-hitting, punchy instrumentals. A combination to die for. Lyrically, the language of these tracks suit them - adding the extra gravitation pull to put this EP into your orbit.

Overall, Captivity is exciting because it's different.

How often do are you listening to this type of music, honestly? As someone who reviews copious amounts of music all the time, getting something like this in your inbox is special. Inner Temple is onto something, and word on the street is they're gearing up for new music, a second EP. Inner Temple enters into the ranks of The Hook's all time faves, and definitely are making headway in a genre that hasn't seen much since the 90's - thank god it's on the up & up.

For more on Inner Temple and this rad fuckin' sound they've got going on, check out their social media below so you don't miss a thing!

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