Philadelphia's underground scene is very DIY and very punk. It's been amazing seeing the different forms in which people interpret the words DIY and punk, and SIDENAIL is one of those bands that are taking the language and making it meaningful.

Comprised of members Garrett Bolin, and Dorianna Thornton, the SIDENAIL EP was recorded and mixed by Curtis Cooper. Dori and Garrett both did Vox, and the duo switch off on guitar and bass throughout the quirky EP. Put out in November of 2016, the EP is a quick, five-track collection of songs that are best described if I just give you the opportunity of listening to them.

Which you should, cause I really dig this EP.
Check out the tracklist below to follow along!

SIDENAIL EP Tracklist:
1. Marijuana Girlfriend
2. Communion
3. Falling In A Hole
4. Drug Dealer Blues
5. Shit Stains





One of the shortest EP's I've ever written about, the self-titled collection comes in at around 8 minutes long. "Marijuana Girlfriend," introduces the listener in an almost deceiving, uncanny way. With Dori's voice emulating that of a more retro rockabilly vibe, which quickly turns into a more punk/screaming type of vocal performance. The combo of punk/rockabilly rock is intriguing and powerful. I really loved this opening track because it set up listeners for the kinds of sounds they'd be experiencing in the latter half of the EP.

"Marijuana Girlfriend" also uses voice over effects to emphasize the ironic, inclusive nature of the track. I mean honestly this is really just the best part about this album - scratch that, the EP boasts a lot of impressive and fun elements. Of course, as any punk EP should be doing, the social commentary in Sidenail's EP is similar to projects the members also have ongoing like Witch H(c)unt. 

Another thing I admired was Dori's unabashed and free spirited way of expression in tracks like "Communion" and "Falling In A Hole."

Check out "Falling In A Hole" streaming below!

All-in-all, I've always been intrigued by the DIY punk scene - and SIDENAIL is fleshing out this genre with unlikely effects. Blending techniques and genres to create a sound that is addictive, paranoid, and in general fun to listen to. 

I definitely jumped around my room in frustration to this album many times throughout the weeks of finals - so you should too. For more on SIDENAIL, check out their social media below, and definitely don't skip out on this one.

SIDENAIL: Facebook // Bandcamp