The Better Haff - You Don't Know The Haff Of It Review

Philadelphia musician Andrew Haff, otherwise known as The Better Haff, is proud to present his first solo album to the public, You Don’t Know The Haff Of It. This guy is obviously a fan of name puns, which I can appreciate. Almost every single one of my social media handles is a pun on my name, so that makes me want to listen to Haff’s music instantly.

You Don’t Know The Haff Of It was released on November 22nd, 2016, and is a mashup of ten tracks that show Andrew Haff’s different musical influences and styles. Check out the tracklist below!

You Don't Know The Haff Of It Tracklist:
1. Do What I Do
2. They Said They Would
3. As Cars Go Bye
4. Don’t Waste My Time
5. BMW Girl
6. Cool Hand Luke
7. Even Just For A Minute
8. Standing Boutique
9. I Know You’ll Love Me
10. The Slum Song

It starts off with a slow, relaxing track called “Do What I Do” (my favorite) that pulls you into a daydream and makes you want to sway around the room a little with its gentle guitar and sweet lyrics. I found myself swaying from side to side a little when I was listening to it, and I could imagine slow-dancing to this one, easily. I love the way the vocals are recorded for this album. You Don’t Know The Haff Of It comes off as romantic, soft and sweet, and it’s perfect for a mixtape for your significant other.

Not all the songs on the album are like the first, though. “Do What I Do” is a solid opener, leading into a sentimental musical journey. Each of the other songs on the album are all different from each other in their own way; yet they all come together to paint a bigger picture. As a whole, this album definitely feels road-trip worthy. Put this one on as you’re driving down the highway during summer, chasing the sunset. It feels like it belongs in one of those iconic indie romance movies.

The album is entirely self-made, recorded and produced by Andrew himself, which shows his dedication to the craft. Andrew discovered his love for music in 2002, and when he was 14, he started taking guitar lessons at the original School of Rock. With influences like Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Tom Petty, and The Beatles, Andrew Haff has established himself as a talented musician.

You Don’t Know The Haff Of It is his debut album, and it’s definitely a memorable one. Give it a listen streaming above, and check out Haff’s social media to stay up to date with announcements.

(Andrew is originally from Glenside, so let’s all be good neighbors and support him! Hype up your local artists!)

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